Ottawa vs Shreveport - November 4, 1994

I was watching TSN this morning here in Cincinnati and they were playing the Top 10 funniest/worst announcer play calls. Sorry Chris Walby, no CFL announcer made the list. But it brought back a great memory from the past.

Last week of the season. Hamilton and Ottawa both have 4 wins, Shreveport has 3. If Shreveport and Hamilton win, we are in the playoffs. If Ottawa wins or Hamilton wins, we are out.

The Ottawa - Shreveport game is on Friday night and CHML picked up the Shreveport radio feed because of the importance of the game to the Cats. I can't remember if the game was on TV or not. I do remember being huddled around a radio and/or a TV.

It's 22-7 for Shreveport at half time and we are going crazy. Ottawa starts a comeback, eventually cutting it to 25-21 in the fourth quarter. Then, one of the funniest things I have ever heard on a CFL telecast came out of the Shreveport announcers mouth.

Shreveport gets burned on a horrible official's mistake. I can't remember the details, but it was a glaring error and the Shreveport announcer says to his partner in the booth:

"Pass the vaseline on down"

I am not sure he completed that thought or not since the whole room was roaring with laughter.

A little bit of strange CFL history for you all to lighten the mood around town.

Will The Thrill

I remember being at my slo-pitch league banquet that night and going out to my car a few times to listen to that. But I don't remember hearing that line.
I remember the end of the game where the announcer said "You're welcome Hamilton!"

Then we had to beat Saskatchewan the next day to make the playoffs. We had the lead in the 4th quarter, but couldn't get out of our own end against a killer wind, and the 'riders eventually kicked a couple of field goals to win it.
A big crowd at what had the potential of being the last Tiger-cats game ever.

Yeah I remember the Saskatchewan game. That's when Adrion Smith drop an int at the one yard line and no one was near him and it would have sealed the game for us. Dumba$$ dropped it and the Riders scored on the next play. No wonder he went to the Argos!

I remember, because we were in Kenna's basement listening to the same radio.

Somewhere on this internet there was at one point someone hosting a copy of the radio broadcast. It would be worth a listen if you can find it.

The funniest thing I ever heard during a CFL broadcast came in the '98 season, when Carl Coulter's thigh sweat was rubbing off on the football, causing McManus to repeatedly fumble the snap. This issue was the focus of several newspaper articles early in the season, much to the understandable chagrin of both parties.

The next game on CBC, the story came up during the telecast, and Chris Cuthbert put it thusly:

"...apparently, Danny has been having some trouble this week getting a grip on Carl Coulter's sweaty balls."

I kid you not.

Wow, I forgot about that one. What a classic. I can't believe TSN didn't use that one this morning. If it had been one of their reporters that said it, maybe it would have made the top 10.

As for the Saskatchewan debacle. Yep Adrion drops the sure interception. But, we still could have won that game. All we needed was one first down when we took over the ball late in the game. We couldn't come up with it and had to punt the ball away into a stiff wind. The Riders then kick the winning field goal.

Was this the game where the guy climbed the goal posts and kept the cops at bay for about an hour? If it was, then it was the "teary eyed Dave Berry" contest as well where the aformentioned "Kenna" was quoted on the front page of the Spec.

Ah, the memories. After a heartbreaking loss, you are correct, a drunken fan climbed all the way to the top of the goal post and tried to rip the flag off. I was waiting by the Riders dressing room and everyone was yelling “rip it off”. The Cops eventually cleared us all out due to our encouraging of the act. It was a rainy night and Sask could have kicked a 70 yarder with the wind that I remember. Mike O’Shea was the only Tiger-Cat who came out for autographs, as I met him for the first time.