Ottawa vs Riders

Limit the flags - this is Ottawa nation man!

Comme on Riders! Win one for the Popper

They might be 0-8 but they're still the best team in the world.

Let's go Riders! Go get that W!

Hope Ottawa can pull this one out. Should be a good game!

They might be 0-8 but they're still the best team between them and the Bombers and Lions despite what the W/L records say.
At least the Rider games this year have been for the most part exciting and competitive unlike games from those other two stiffs from the West this season.

I picked Ottawa, so I’m cheering for them, but this could be the start of Sask’s three game win streak.

Great. We get the C Team calling the game. At least Gord and Dunnigan (B Team) provide some humour.

Riders - 6
Ottawa - 26
Picture perfect day in the Capitol.
Big Price opens it up - 7-0 REDBLACKS

Ottawa starts off big. 7-0.

I like this as the week the riders D can finish
First the Dline- Walker is back in the lineup. Gives them a 3rd very good rotating DE. Should keep Chick & Hall fresh at games end.

Second- the 2 rookie NGs have a good half a season wit tons of PT. Still rookies but not experience wise.

Third- looks like Macdougal may be back. He could b packaged in. Allowing a possible Dline of White George Chich & Hall

The only issue may be the smaller LB corp
Knox more of a WillLB. Without a strong MLB the Stamps were able to run rite up the gut to seal the game.

Great start for the Riders. Penalty and a couple sacks. :lol:

Hopefully bad Hank shows up for the rest of this game, cause Ottawa looks pretty good early.

Burris looks pretty accurate so far. Some awful tackling by the Riders defense making things extra easy.

Back-to-back TDs. 14-0. Where the hell is Sask? I think the Sask-Winnipeg LDC and Banjo Bowl are gonna be the worst games of the season. I might skip both.

Where the hell is the run? Chapdelaine has done a pretty good job this year, but they've really abandoned the run since Glenn went down, which is backwards thinking.

I think Chamblin is gone after this game. This entire season they haven't played for field position when punting, they've gone for the single, which is asinine.

Chamblin's desk is probably in Staples cardboard box by the door as we speak.

Ottawa started off hot but now seem to be taking mercy on Sask.

Penalties will do that. I think (read: hope) that the defense has settled in. I thought they played a decent game against Calgary last week save for that final drive to kill the clock.