Ottawa vs Montreal

They need to get rid of the Interference Challenges. Really drags on the game.

Are the fans asleep?

Duron Carter is a classless business in this game

You know, it's very easy to forget that Montreal has a pretty good defence. If they had a half-way decent offence, they could win a few games...

Yes easy to forget they have a good "D" when Ottawa racked up another 400 yards passing and 100 yards rushing....................... :oops: :oops:

The game is down right unwatchable. Between the flags and the injuries, the pace is horrible.

Chris Williams 363 yards receiving in 2 games, he's on pace for a 3,366 yard receiving season. :thup:

And how much of that was late in the fourth quarter? Seriously, did you even watch the game?

Yah I have to agree it is killing the pace of the game to a crawl . Time to put this on the shelf at the end of the season .

Yup. The problem is it not specific enough to make the review interesting. Half the time I don't know what I'm looking at.

Get rid of it!!!

Should be a tremendous battle for 1st overall draft pick between Montreal and Regina.

Maybe for the 2nd pick. The Argosnots have the first pick locked up! :cowboy:

Actually Van racked up over 100 yards in the first half before he was injured just before half time.
Ottawa didn't do much after the Chris Williams TD with 9 minutes to go.
So no they didn't do much at all late in the 4th quarter, the Ottawa "D" shut down the Als in the 4th and controlled the game but not much offense.

Seriously, did YOU even watch the game? :oops: :oops:

Truly awful entertainment!! I turned it off... these ridiculous "roughing" penalties (it's football, you goofs!) , video reviews (which they wouldn't need if the refs were better), undisciplined players, coaches flopping like a soccer player... it's now worse entertainment than the NHL and that is a terrible thing to say.

I agree the games are becoming far too long. It's okay if you are watching on TV you can switch to another channel but it's brutal to attend a game and have to sit there with all the delays. Games are dragging on for 3 hours 20 minutes.

I thought it was a great game. Being able to challenge interference or illegal contact does slow things down. After seeing this is action, not sure the league (fans) should have implemented this. Don't know until you try though.


This is the perfect spot for Kevin Glenn.

As long as he's in Montreal the doesn't have to worry about being humiliated (again) in the playoffs and further cementing his legacy as The Worst Big Game QB In Football History.