Ottawa vs Montreal

The Als are going to have their hands full on Thursday: the Redblack offense is firing on all cylinders. When Burris went down in their victory against the Esks, it took Harris one play to find Wiliams and the end zone. The O doesn’t seem to miss Maas at all, with many sure handed receivers contributing to the overtime win. Williams was a beast all evening. Whoever will cover him is going to see some major action.

The Als D will need to exert pressure on Burris, and KG will need to keep the offense on the field. Otherwise Burris and or Harris will torch us.

Forget Winterpeg, Ottawa will be a real test for the new and improve Alouettes.

Let’s see, I think I’ll be wearing the classic AC 13 jersey this time.

Ottowa looked tough last night. Harris is a beast they will have to contain him to have a shot. The d did give up some points so if glenn is on should be a good game

Ottawa is not going to hang 40 points on this defense at home no matter who's behind center, and as much as they did well against Edmonton, their defense looked like swiss cheese. I like our chances.

True the als d is gonna give them fits with pressure. If they can slow down harris some they win

UNKNOWN - How much of Ottawa's offence was a result of the turnover in players/coaches on Edmonton defence.

I think we can do it. Neither Burris nor Harris enjoys playing our defense under Thorpe. You smack those QBs around early and they will stop looking for the deep ball and start checking down prematurely or throwing the ball away to avoid getting hit. Nothing guaranteed, of course, especially when you consider how poorly home teams did in week one, but like I said, I like our chances.

Ottawa is one of the top teams in the league and been giving the Als a tough time every time out. Edmonton's defense looked really confused out there and their blitzing schemes were really plain. That's why BW made Thorpe honor his contract :wink:

They'll have to disrupt their quarterback and watch out for that pass to Williams down the sideline.

Would be great to go off on vacation 2-0 and at least tied in first. :thup:

Yup a good test for both.

One day less day of rest for Ottawa, 2nd roadie in a row coming off a very emotional revenge game against GC champs. Maybe a little unsure at QB s far as reps go.

Season opener for Als.
Good situational spot for Montreal.
But Montreal will be less able to rotate defensive personnel with Ottawa running no huddle continually.

Well, if you want to compare last year, our D has always played Ottawa tough. Second, this is our first time facing Ottawa with Glenn behind center, Calvillo in charge, and Duron Carter at WR. Ottawa let Edmonton post up 30 points on them. I think we have the weapons to do damage if that's how soft they're going to play.

As for our D vs. their O, we have a better defense than Edmonton IMO. From D coordinator to personnel to position coaches (guess where Casey Creehan landed? D-line coach for EDM, that's where), I think we have the edge. I would put our unit against Benevides's unit any day of the week. So while anything is possible, it's highly unlikely that Ottawa will be able to walk all over our defense and score at will, particularly at Molson Stadium when they are playing their second game in 5 days (and that first game of theirs went to OT, to boot).

I'm not saying this will be a cakewalk for us. But at the start of last year, nobody was picking Ottawa to go 12-6 and make it to the Grey Cup game either. They're great on offense, and Burris-Harris is probably the strongest 1-2 QB punch in the league, but they've also lost a fair chunk of Canadian talent and that D didn't impress at all in the Edmonton game.

Finally, Edmonton, I believe, is the team that is running lots of no-huddle. Ottawa, under former Als coach Elizondo, not so much, though I could be wrong about that.

No question RBs are the real deal with their 2 headed QB!! stuff the run, screens and apply massive front 4 pressure with all LBs all over the field blitzing, pass coverage and causing CHAOS everywhere. rotate front 4 quickly and often. No question RBs will pick on our 2 rookie CBs. Offensively run the rock with sutton, rutley, logan, giguere and carter!!

No they both run the no huddle. Ottawa and Ed. at least they did it Saturday. Very effectively too. And Elizondo was last with Toronto-no?

BC and Cal too now

I'm surprised more teams don't go no huddle considering the twenty second clock. It becoming the norm here especially at the college level. The oregon ducks average a play every 11 seconds last year insanely fast

I stand corrected. Hopefully crowd noise at Molson will interfere with that somewhat. And no-huddle isn't unbeatable. We've also got a great base personnel set on defense. But the key will be to stay disciplined and try to force some quick stops, i.e. two-and-outs. I'm sure Thorpe will be looking at film and cooking up ways to counter the no-huddle.

The only time the no huddle really hurts is if a team substitutes on d alot. If you make stops it really isn't anymore effective at wearing out the d then if you huddle.

:thup: I don't think we make that many substitutions on D, except for the usual rotation on the defensive line to keep the big guys fresh. Sure, we'll swap out a lineman for an extra linebacker on occasion, but we can operate just fine out of a 4-3 alignment. Chip Kelly's no-huddle was all the rage when he first came to Philadelphia but teams eventually found ways to counter it. I'm not particularly worried.

Yea chip was a great college coach but isn't very good in the pros . He has a hard time with the vets treats everyone like a college kid. His offense takes players with a unique set of skill which is hard to put together at the pro level

This is definitely a game we can win. We are at home with one more day of rest than Ottawa.

I don't want to see the no huddle in the ALS offense to date we don' t need it!!

Les Alouettes ont des chances de gagner cette partie, considérant les conditions dans lesquelles les Afro-Communistes vont se pointer au stade Percival-Molson. Je crois tout de même qu’ils ont montré beaucoup de préparation dans cette partie et assez de caractère pour gagner cette partie avec le quart-arrière qui n’a pas eu les séquences de pratique avec la première équipe.

Je n’ai pas vu la partie, mais je pense qu’on peut en conclure que l’adversaire sera quand même coriace. Ils ont d’excellents outils à l’attaque (Burris/Harris, Williams, Ellingson, Jackson, Paden), une défensive capable de provoquer des choses sous la direction d’une excellente tête de football canadien (Nelson), honnêtement, je ne m’attends pas à une clinique de football donnée par les Alouettes. Ottawa aura plus de film avec lequel travailler et pourra ajuster ses stratégies défensives en conséquence. La clé demeurera l’exécution à l’attaque et la pression sur le quart adverse à la défensive.

ottawa's 4th receiver is sinopolis(spelling wrong). 2 rookie CBs yes but I like the move of johnson 2 DHB paired with parker.