Ottawa vs Montreal

Richard Veilleux would be shocked if Crompton came off the bench late in the 3rd Quarter to lead the Als to victory.

He wouldn’t be the only one.

Kind of difficult to come off the bench to lead a team to victory when you’re not even dressed to play.

Even though he's cooled off some, Cato still worries me. I hate playing scramblers.

Looking like a beautiful night, if a little cool. :thup:

I’m interested how Cato does. This will be the first time he faces a team for a second time.

Yes Crompton "mysteriously" was injured enough in the first half of last week's game to land back on the 6 game injury list! :wink: :o

hoping for a BUMCRACKS loss but than again I do want to see Johnny Bedwetter upset...

so conflicted

Going to be very interesting that's for sure!

Gets tighter for the Ticats it the OTTRBs win, but I'm with you :thup: - rather see the birdies lose.

I expect the RB's to play better than last week.

Hope so anyway.

This years Ott team is a great story . Close to being a contender.

Also, I hate the Als.

Go RedBlacks Go.

What's going on in Ottawa? Quite a few gaps in the crowd tonight.

:( :cry: Crompton - I Wish You Were Here.

My prayers go out to Hefney

Hard collision involving Hefney there, looked out as he fell over. Hate to see that.

Football double-standard (any league); if the DB lowers his head and initiates a helmet to helmet hit he is likely tossed.

He was out cold as soon as he got hit. Those are the worst because whatever injury was likely aggravated because he hit the ground unconscious.

True in any sport; many hockey players suffered that same fate.

I agree totally!

Now that was one hellacious hit taken by Hefney. Hope he will be OK. Taking lots of precautions but any time the stretcher comes out on the field it usually isn't good.

Based on the hit he's likely complaining about neck pain at the very least and in that case they take no chances until they confirm there is no spinal injury. Just precaution at this point. Hopefully it's just a mild concussion.

Thursday night game - in October - likely many who have other commitments on Thursday nights at this time of year. Add in another week night game coming up in 5 days on Tuesday (6th) and it probably isn't too surprising that attendance has taken a bit of a hit tonight. My theory anyway :slight_smile:

Ottawa with the fist score on the board. We'll see if Hefney's injury has much affect on the Larks - particularly the D. right now Sutton is running all over them!

Yes - always better to err on the side of caution, especially with such a bit hit to the head. Concussions are bad enough, but not as tough as any spinal injury. Based on the report just given so far just the concussion diagnosed but he has gone to hospital for more evaluation.

Hef being reported as a stinger in the shoulder, also seen it reported as mild concussion. Either way, good news, could have been much worse.