Ottawa vs Eskimos

Ottawa wins their first game of the season at home, -4 odds.

Statement game for Benevidiot. Can he shut down Ottawa and prove he can scheme a defence, or will it be another 45 points?

I'm thinking a high scoring game because Edmonton's defence is awful and Ottawa's is all beat up.

I'll watch but it's too bad it is up against the Jays.

Will it have much of an impact even with the Jays playing? Like anything west of Ontario could gives a rats ass about Baseball... Worst sport on Earth to watch on TV.

Regardless, I don't know if I'm ready to watch the Esks defense get fisted again, I actually cringe every time they take the field, it's embarrassing. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

You may be slightly correct although I imagine there are some die hard baseball fans out West as well, but when Ontario's population makes up 38% of the entire nation and then the only other province to ever have an MLB team makes up 23%, well then yea it may have an impact, but Jays are hot right now it's to be expected they are one of the best teams in baseball for first time in a long time.

Let's go Eskimos though, wouldn't be mad if Ottawa kept this slide going. EDM defence needs to figure stuff out fast, could be just what Hank was looking for to get back on track, I certainly hope not.

Back and forth hard fought football I'm a hoping, let's go Ottawa

Also up against swimming finals at the Olympics with Canadians involved.

Yeah... I guess we'll see about the Jays and... swimming regardless of Canadians haha. Summer Olympics aren't that good anyways, just my opinion, I won't be watching a second of it.

Reilly has over 1,900 yards and an 11/3 TD/INT ratio. Really shines a light on what the problem is in Edmonton.

Canada sucks in the summer. We're winter people.

Esks put their D out first. Bold move, considering...

Ellingson wearing a cloaking device.

Good Henry or Bad Henry? Looking good so far.

Ottawa wastes a TO trying to draw Edmonton offside. FG 3-0.

Surprised that the Jays are playing an evening game on a Saturday but yes the Olympics will certainly take away some of the casual viewers.

I wonder if they draw straws each week in Ottawa to decide which receiver will be featured?? Ellingson, Ellingson, Ellingson so far to night quite a bit of Grigsby tossed in for good measure. :smiley: :wink:

"A treasure chest of toys"???? Oh brother!!!! :roll:

Black needs to go.. its sickening already.

Someone mentioned the Jays playing? Might spare myself and watch some baseball.

Reilly just got picked - or fumbled but regardless it's Ottawa's ball.
Turnovers will kill you every time! And it looks like they have a short field - even worse for the green and gold.

OK it wasn't a short field