Ottawa vs. Calgary.......

....hey, I'm no dummy, for any non-stamp/gade fan this game is going to be hard to compete against the likes of the Travelling Antique Road Show and What Not to Wear......but there are some implications on the line....

......which Gesser shows up? the 45-minute-puke-show one or the 15 minute 'hey, look what I got in my goody bag' version?.......can the Stamp-D continue with it's recent return to dominance or will they stumble?.......will the special team treat calgary fans to a 'he..could...go....all....the....way' Chris Berman sound bite?.....

.....which Gades team made the trip out west? the never-say-die-win-in-the-last-minute troupe or the Keystone Kops complete with Mack Zennett Paopao........will Ranek rumble tank-like through the backfield or loose a tread in the first 1/4?......will Yo Murphy be more "Yo, Adrian" or "Yo-Yo Ma"?......

......a win for Calgary and we're tied with the eskimos for second place in the west for at least 24 hours, maybe a week or more and a game up on Sask for a similar timeframe........a win for the Gades and their back in the eastern hunt not too far from Montreal and closing the door on a potential crossover option....... while I'll completely understand if any of you have opted to barter with the little lady to give her a foot massage while she watches Gilmore Girls in return for control of the remote for the Eskimo/Lion or Argonaut/Rider game at least politely ask her to see what the score might be during a commercial break.........give us that at least......

Go Stamps. Keep pace for second. Should be a good race with EE and Riders.

From an Alouettes fan point of view, that's an important game too R&W. An Ottawa win sends the birds in dangerous third place.

Calgary must win that one for us.

I however picked the Renegades to get the W in BigDave's pool, just because the Rens can't lose eternally, and the Burrisless Stamps won't go perfect while Smilin' Hank gets healthy.

Good luck to both teams. You'll both need it.

This game I beleive is the toughest call of the weekend. Clearly, Kerry Joseph (normal & when not in a slump) is the better QB then Gesser or even a healthy Burris. Granted, the these two are almost equal in ability. Gesser was brutal last game and it was the even more brutal D of the Ticats which gave the game away. Now, the Gades have a better D, from the line to the DB etc. Last time the two teams played, the Gades won going away and Ronek had what some 150 yds. Despite their brutal last three games and when combined with the above, something tells me the Gades are due. If they lose another one, they are probably going to miss the playoffs in the crossover.

I say the never say die Gades show up. We seem to have the Satmps number lately, although Yo Murphy won't be playing.
I just hope it doesn't come down to the kicking game.

Go You Backs Against The Wall Thieving Bastard Capital Punishment Renegades Go!!

A couple of things…

You’ll have me watching until John Stewart comes on…then I’m gone…of course it might have a little to do with what Stacey herself is wearing… :wink:

What Gesser do we really know? The guy was 4 comp and 4 INT’s at one point last week and I see a story on TSN today calling him a “gamer”…WHAT?? :shock: Stamps D has been solid all season…that won’t change. As for Berman…“come on Seattle?!”…

Ranek the midget doesn’t get the same 160 yard night he had last time they played.Definitely two teams going in very different directions.

A win for Cowgary and it’s the same scenario as the Ott/Cgy game… :frowning:

And…to conclude, I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t you simply hijack the remote, ask her to make you a sandwich, and make her give YOU a foot massage…or that trip to Florida in February, ain’t happnin’… :wink:

I mean "a win for BC" and it's the same scenario as the Ott/Cgy game...

First, I'm sad to report that I actually know that Gilmore girls was on earlier in the week, it was apparently the season premiere. However, I did already trade that for watching the rider game this weekend (well, tomorrow night, whatever)

I will watch whatever else is on TSN here tho so I can get updates on the score. And since I think it'd be somewhat neat to have that large block of teams tied for second, I think I may actually cheer for the stamps this time.

Should be an alright game..still not feeling confident with Gesser at quarterback...hopefully he will pull through.

Its also suppose to be raining tonight :frowning: I still believe Calgary will win although we always seem to play bad against the Renegades.

Go Stamps!

Love the post RedandWhite. I am hoping I will at least get to see the score every now and then. I am apparently driving her nuts with my CFL obsession this year. Here's hopin'

Go Riders!!

and for tonight.... go Gades!

The gades should feast on the Stamps...Gesser throw's like his arm is broken, the gades will be playing like it's the end of october.

it's is a though one to call, I'm calling red and black (Calgary) but I'll be chreeing for Ottawa. But Calgary will win.

I think Calgary will win because of their defence and one or two big plays on either special teams or offence. I still want Ottawa to win though

It's seems were in the same boat, Billy.

I do want Ottawa to win, to help the eskimos keep second place; however, i think calgary will come out with the win... unfortunately :frowning:

I really would like to see Ottawa win just for the fact that it would put The Riders in a good situation in the West for the moment, there certainly isn't enough space to be comfortable, but it is a bit of breathing room none the less. GO GADES! (for tonight anyway)

If the Gades win we are out of a playoff spot where as if Calgary loses we can still crossover. Go Calgary!!!

Unreal, the season is only 2 thirds done, this game does not decide wether we get 3rd in the West, Cheer for the Gades, it will help us more in the long run


23......... to 23............. in the 3rd. GO OTTAWA GO