Ottawa vs Bombers

With back to back games between these two teams, I like the Blue Bombers chances to settle in for the sixth seed.

Game of the week for sure - If Ottawa wins they will be the first team in the East to clinch a playoff spot.

Agree with T-Field, I can easily see a split in these two games. The way it is looking that might be just enough for the BB's to slide into that final playoff spot. They already have the season series won with the Lions who will have to go at least 2-2 down the stretch(which I don't think they'll do) and I think it doubtful that those Als are capable of winning 2 of their final 4 games this season to overtake them as well. I said earlier that I thought that 7-11 might get that final spot but I'm now lowering the bar and saying that 6-12 will get the Bombers in as that final 6th seed this season. I'm predicting a 3 way tie between the 3 all finishing up at 6-12 on the season.

Winnipeg remaining schedule: @ Ott/ Ott /@ Tor.....predicted final record 6-12... 3rd in the West and playoffs.
B.C. remaining schedule : @ Edm / Ham/ @ Tor/ Calg...predicted final record 6-12.. 4th in the West eliminated
Mtl remaining schedule : Ham /@ Tor /@ Edm/Sask.....predicted final record 6-12...4th in the East eliminated

I think the bombers will be lucky to win any of the three remaining games . Definitely will not win either of the games with Ottawa . Bombers were lucky to beat the Lions, who I think are the worst of the bunch outside of the Riders.

I still think the Als have the edge. BC could easily lose their last 4 as they play all playoff teams and they all will be playing for position so they won't be easy games. Winnipeg may split with Ottawa, but that still only gives them 6 wins. I said Montreal would split with the Argos and I stand by that. They also have the TiCats whose number they've had with Collaros who is out and they finish with the Riders who have nothing to play for.

The final spot is Montreal's to lose.

Though it looks like it's inevitable, a win by the RedBlacks will give a post season berth for an Ottawa-based CFL team since 1994 (though doubt the win total). Despite a couple of gaps along the way, still a freaking long time for a 8 or 9 team league...and there were 12 that year to boot.

Misleading numbers - the Ottawa Rough Riders team folded in 1996 (2 years) and came back in 2002-2006 (4 years) and then again in 2014 - so a total of only 7 seasons without a playoff game. :wink:

"Only"? Even THAT is a long time in such a small league.

Speaking of that, it's nice to be discussing playoff possibilities that don't revolve around being a 3-win team trying to catch a 4-win team for 3rd place in the division.

Also, that there may be games to determine actual positioning, rather than being confined to a distant 3rd-place-or-nothing scenario. I must admit that as closely as I like to follow my teams, 1992 is rather foggy, at this point.

But Montreal has to win one more game than the other two losers. They need this game at home very badly.

A soggy night in the nation's capital where the OTTRBs have just drawn first blood with a TD, in spite of coughing up the ball on the opening kick off. Bombers now have a chance to put a drive together but receivers will need to hang on to that slippery ball!

The Bombers have been playing better the past few weeks and I was tempted to select them to win but decided to go with the home team. OTTRBs are tough to beat at home and the BBs, in spite of last week's win in BC, have generally not been a good road team. Should be a good game.

Next week likely will be picking Winnipeg to win - 7-0 REDBLACKS lead

That had to be the easiest fumble I've ever seen in my life. :lol: I wonder if the rain caused it to slip out.

Hank is on fire looks like another 400+ yards passing game.

Well he's tossed a couple to the turf and just missed a receiver so given the weather conditions, I wouldn't hold my breath for 400+ yards - although the OTTRBs have had the ball about 3 times as much as the BBs who have yet to get a sustained drive going.

A mostly "clean" game in the first quarter has been getting bogged down in penalties in the second :thdn: :roll:

Maybe I should have put Powell on my fantasy team? Seems to be getting lots of work tonight.

16-0 Ottawa at the half

And Milo keeps kicking FGs but since the BBs haven't even gotten close to the end zone yet :oops: it's enough.
16-0 home team at half time.

OK I take that back - Hank with about 267 yards in the first half so he certainly could hit 400 unless the BBs come up with a way to get a drive going and use up some time with their offense on the field. So far they've only managed less than 8 minutes with the ball in 30 minutes of football!

Hank is amazing throwing for 268 yards in the first half.