Ottawa vs BC

To open discussion on tonight's game, I have to question what the CFL is thinking allowing a game which involves an Eastern team to have a late start. By allowing a 10:00 start Ottawa time shows total disregard to Ottawa fans.

Well, an earlier start time for Ottawa fans would mean a 5 or 6 o'clock start in BC... so which fans do you piss off?

How would a 5 or 6 or even a 2,3 or4 o'clock start be a problem for BC on a Saturday?

no doubt. This would seem ideal


No reason why weekend games couldn't start earlier. Grow the brand, keep all the nation wide fans watching right to St. Johns's. If the goal is entertaining football even the playing field and let both well rested teams duke it out. Lions have home field advantage, no need to give them time zone advantage too.

Interesting that the game is on the same night as the Canucks home opener, right around the same time too. Can't imagine this one will be well attended.

5 or 6 is not a great start time... I would say 1 or 2pm is better, but the game will be 7pm BC time... these days, not everyone works Mon-Fri 9-5... still would have rush hour traffic, so between 4 to 6 would not be an ideal start time... and why pander to the East all the time(so to speak) anyway? There are occasions when they have to suck it up...

The CFL is touted as a national treasure. If the best you can. Come up with is suck it up I guess people in the Maritimes might as well just forget being included.

Well on the bright side.. People trying to tune in now will see TFCs season coming to a close. 2-0 Redbulls.. SCREW TFC!!!!

I didn't say all the time, I said occasionally, are you unable to comprehend or just chose to ignore what I said? If a games are being played in the Maritimes, a 1pm start, would mean it would be 9am in BC... would you get up at that time to watch a CFL game?... what the Lions should do is make it a 9pm start time in Vancouver... :twisted:

Not sure it's an issue of total disregard for the Ottawa fans as much as a scheduling issue.
I for one don't know how the scheduling for the CFL is done but if ever there was a reason to have the game scheduled in the afternoon today it would be because, as someone pointed out, the Vancouver Canucks have the same start time and they're playing at home- not to forget it is the season home opener!

Either someone dropped the ball on this one or scheduling the games at the same time was unavoidable. It makes no sense to me at all to have two major Canadian games starting at the same time. Many Canuck fans are also CFL fans and they can't be in two places at once. Both venues are a stone's throw away from each other so parking would be crazy. I don't get it. It would have made far more sense for one of the games to have been played at 1 or 2 PM. That way both CFL and NHL fans could enjoy attending both games.

As far as having the game played earlier so the eastern fans don't have to stay up so late I would have no trouble settling in at 10:00PM for an evening of entertainment watching my favourite team playing.

What about at 1130 in Newfoundland?

Wow… Another barn burner… Almost 90 minutes of football between these two teams and we have a grand total of 15 points. There is still ten minutes to go so Im exaggerating a bit… Its 15 points in 80 plus minutes though.

On behalf of all of us living in BC, I'd like to apologize for time zones.

Well Im glad I was wrong.. 17 points in 8 minutes... How can you have 15 points in 80 minutes and then 17 in ten percent of the time... Lol

It's okay Bungle. We all understand you are new to the game. We understand how you're having trouble wrapping your head around it. Give it a couple of years and you'll look back at your question and wonder why you ever asked it.

BC is looking solid in this one, lucky Glenn's finger not hurt too bad. But I spoke too soon last night, I thought the Cats had it in the bag and boy was I wrong. We'll see what happens here in the 2nd half.

Cats would of won that game if that returner didnt taunt the bench.

I thought they did too which is why it was a nail biter right down to the wire for me!

That’s hog spew, get over it man.
BC 24-3 cake walk so far