Ottawa vs B.C. Sept. 13 2015 Carnage

Pathetic. Simply pathetic! I general try to find the positives in a game, even after losing but who is kidding who?

I was at this game and I give full marks to the RedBlacks for winning. Though the Lions were able to take the lead, they were never in this game from the opening kick off. Sure, like in most games there were occasional high light reel plays; like the 98 yard return almost resulting in a TD.

I frequently looked at the score board especially when the Lions took the lead by the half. I have never ever witnessed a more inept running game. In fact for the longest time the stats on the board showed the Lions at -2 in total rushing yards. Yes, that's MINUS 2! For crying out loud. What is happening with Harris who opened the season like a greyhound on steroids. I do not lay the blame on him. If guys aren't there to open the holes then there is nothing to run through.

And who is calling those lame 2nd and one yard plays near the mid-field? The Lions were marching from their own half of the field. It's 2nd and one and what does Beck do? He tries to complete a 20 yard pass that of course went incomplete. The Lions then choose to punt.[have to punt?] Why would that previous play be called? What team cannot make 36" in two attempts? Isn't the idea to get the necessary yardage on 2nd and one for a fresh set of downs? Man, I don't know nearly as much about football like some of the guys who post here do but I know stupid when I see stupid. But what is going on. Several games ago Tedford had his team go for 3 and 4 and ended up turning over the ball on downs. The Lions weren't to the mid-field when the call was made.

Is it the element of surprise? Is that why these bonehead calls are being made?

Getting back to the Lions' performance this past Sunday afternoon…

When a team has no running attack then it is game over in my books but when a team performs its running game like the Lions did this past Sunday? Holy moly!

You know Beagle, I've been trying to be positive as well that they will get better as the season goes on. But instead we see players just give up or I COULD BE WRONG. I thought last year was bad and I know that getting younger was important. I never expected Wally to just cut the whole bunch In one season . Usually its done in a gradual manner. You got rid of not one but two returners in Logan and Brown. They got rid of a lot of vets in the defensive backfield. Our offensive line hasn't gotten any better then last year. Travis for some reason can't seem to get untracked. We have receivers that seems to dropped the ball . You can't just rely on one receiver and a running back to carry the load. Why not try and get 5 yards on a pass on first down instead of going for the the bomb down field in one shot . Everybody from top to the players has to be accountable for this mess. And to think Ottawa is bad enough!!! I couldn't imagine the next couple of weeks when they have to play Calgary and Edm on the road.

My sentiments exactly lion40. Logan, Brown, Moore, Earnest Jackson. All given their walking papers. Jackson contributed to the Redblacks win yesterday in a big way and continues to be their go to receiver. Logan, Brown and Moore all appear to be playing well for their respective teams. Brown I could see being let go but the guy is proving me and lot of others wrong the way he is playing. McCallum I could see letting go. Thank goodness we have Leone!

I guess as fans we have to start thinking like management. You know…. " Every season can't be a winning season." or…. " This is a rebuilding year, wait and see in 3 years." Bla, bla, bla.

The thing that gets me is when I see what I consider a stupid call like the one I mentioned. It's 2nd and one and the QB goes for 20 yard attempt. Why? For goodness sakes why that call of all plays?

I also think that with guys like Harris, Leone, Arceneaux and a few other key receivers the Lions should have been a much bigger threat yesterday than they were.

Well I guess things could be worse. We could be SSK fans.

Well Beag I do know how Sask fans feels since I married one.And the rest of my neices and nephews and in . So when I went back there I did feel for them.

Ahhh…. I see lions40. I would of course feel for them too and I would try not to laugh too hard as the watermelon was being cut into sections at the dinner table.

During the dinner conversation about football, which no doubt was somewhat subdued, you did of course mention that the Lions have won 4x as many games as SSK this season? Yes? Always good to keep everything in perspective. :thup:

Off course my friend but I needed to be selective as in how and when I said But also I Did give my niece's husband some hope when I meantion about the leos being 1-6 back 2011. OHH man does it feel like a long time ago now. I see this Jenning kid shows a lot of promise. But we shouldn't have to rely on a young Q.B to carry this team.

I'm impressed with what I've seen of Jennings so far. Hopefully he will really help the Lions.

I don't see what the Lions did in 2011 happening with SSK Lions40. Even if they were to win their remaining 6 games I can't see them making the playoffs.