Ottawa vs Alouettes


boooorris, booooorris :rockin:

Montreal 31 (finally cracks 30 points)
Ottawa 23

I like these red uniforms better than the all-black ones for the Redblacks.

Noel Thorpe has totally lost his touch with Burris (^*#&*%#$&^%$$ Burris), looking this good this early.

Damning with FAINT praise

This one has the makings of a shootout

Ok. So much for that :lol: :oops:

I second that sentiment - can you believe that? :o :o :o !!!

So why again did BC let this guy go? :roll:
Flag or not, Logan showed great speed on that one.

Logan returns one to the house but the flag brings it back. Pity :smiley:

Too old apparently :roll: - Tedford seems to have gone a bit younger with the team but you're right - Logan is still good and is the only other returner who has successfully returned a punt for a TD this season besides Banks :thup:

How many yards do any of these guys have to be offside for a penalty to be called

I meant actually what I typed -- I like these red uniforms better. If you don't, oh well there's always door number 13.

I think about 6 :lol:

Alix should maybe stick to trick plays? He really shanked that punt! :oops: after the Larks D tightened up on smilin' Hank and friends

Ottawa needs a run defense! :oops:

What a run by Cato! Looked like a young Tracy Ham on that run

Cato has looked good, only the one TD but 3 good drives. Thought about Rutley a lot for my TSN fantasy pick, having a huge first half.

Larks with good FP again! Ottawa is going to make many sorry that they picked them to win if they don’t get a stop on the Larks and get some O going of their own. :oops: :x