Ottawa v Winnipeg

Ottawa up 8 - 0 great drive . Okay why are all CFL clubs not required to have a proper kicker in relief if one goes down . This is a pro league . Tired of seeing this time and time again .

Good Hank is on so far!

16 - 0 now . Ottawa playing on fire .

That pic that Denmark ran the wrong route on, has been a huge momentum shifter. Good Hank showing up is also helping Ottawa's cause.

The NFL has only one kicker on a game day roster . The Punter takes over the duties. No pro team pays two guys to kick FG'S .

Exactly but Ottawa decided not to replace it's punter after injury and left their kicker doing double duties . Thank goodness Early can punt great leg so far they should have him warming up to kick just in case .

What is wrong with the Bombers today? It's like watching the old Bombers we used enjoy and laugh about...

Another interception Nichols playing with blinders on . Where are the Bomber fans ?

I never saw that stadium that empty before and if you don't count this first half were actually playing some good ball lately .

Late hit on Burris, 55 for Winnipeg takes 2 steps after the throw. If the shoe was on the other foot, it definitely would have been called against the REDBLACKS. :thdn:

Really …? everybody is against the Redblacks ! Are you 8 years old , with that weak sauce ?? How about the blown offside the ref’s missed against Ottawa in the the 1st half ? I believe the RedBlacks had zero penalties in the 1st half . Cleary the ref’s are favouring the Bombers ! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Why not just hand it off and trust your OLine getting the push for a yard and half.?

In the first half, Ott got an interception , but ruled incomplete because he was ruled not to have possession.

What ever happened to the rule, the ground can not make you fumble ?

It should have been an interception and fumble out of bounds.

The Ott defender had clear possession . ( it was in his hands when he hit the ground. )


I need the Lions to finish second.

Yup - Nichols has thrown 5 interceptions in the last 14 (approximately) games and has 3 (almost 4) alone today?? Turnovers are killing the Bombers today - they've had a couple on downs too - and they've taken some unnecessary penalties too. It almost looks like the Bombers and OTTRBs defenses have switched uniforms! Gascon-Nadon caused a really weak holding call on one of the BB OL players too.

Winnipeg needs to mount a BIG comeback (down by 17 now) in the 4th quarter to steal this one back,


4 - 1000 yard receivers second year in a row .

Early kicks a short FG . Madu running well I am surprised they didn't hand off to him again .

The "ground can't cause a fumble" rule applies when a player who has clear possession is tackled and loses the ball when he hits the ground. In that case, because he had possession when he hit the ground, the ruling is down by contact and no fumble.

But on a pass reception (by either team), possession is only confirmed once the player is in contact with the ground. So if he catches the ball in the air but loses control of it when he hits the ground (or before), it's ruled no catch.

[b][u]RULE 6 - PASSING[/u][/b] [b]SECTION 4 – FORWARD PASS[/b] [b]Article 5 – Complete Forward Pass[/b] (f) When a receiver of either team, who is in the air and has complete control of the ball, has his feet or another part of his body hit the ground, he must retain possession for the pass to be ruled complete, with or without contact by an opponent.

Ottawa deserves first place. I hate to say it but it is true.

Hamilton also had 4 receivers on pace for 1000 yards (2 made it) until 2 of them were injured (Owens, Tasker)

Looks like the Peggers could use a little dose of Masoli! They sure haven't been able to mount any kind of a comeback here.

Only because the Ticats are so banged up. Remember Ottawa barely beat the Ticats 2 weeks ago and lost at home to their ragtag lineup last week!

Just one of those games , just came at a bad time. Still a good season and exceeded expectations . Strange but the Bombers have been much better on the road this year than at home this year.

Ottawa won because they were the only team to show up.