Ottawa V Winnipeg Part TWO

The second meeting not having the same effect or interest as the first but clear conditions tonight should be a good game for the last Friday Night Football of the year .

Brock Jensen must be lickin' his lips in anticipation of raping that porous Winnipeg secondary. Don't look for Matt Nichols (Area 51 called him SOTY, aka Scrub of The Year) to do much before being extracted tonite.

Even against Ottawa RB Hobos!

As predicted Matty Hobo clangs one off Canadian WR hobo Roky Kohlert, resulting in an easy TD for hoboblacks!

More to come!

Bombers came to Ottawa to die! :cowboy:

Brock Jensen will be the undertaker!

Looks like Winnipeg will be heading into the playoffs in the fetal position!

O'Shea really did some nice prep work this week, huh?

Bombers go meekly 2 and out on their 2nd possession. Better than a Matty-Nik-Pik though@!

Immediately called for infringing the 7 yd zone (5 for other teams) on Medlock's 1st puny 36 yd punt, resulting in a 20 yd advance!

Bombers appear to have regressed into the worst team in league.

OK, Barker's sluggos and Argo hole-eaters pretty darn rotten, too!

Mik O'Shea looking for video evidence of recent blood donation. ie. Drew Willy donating a pint to Nichols! :cowboy:

Nichols missed his man over the middle ( he was open ) . Suitor sometimes does his over analysis a bit and states there was confusion . No he made a late behind throw no confusion at all. I am not sure what he is looking at .

Suitsiski (Suitor) reverts to form as league apologist!

I thought they let O'Brien go when they had Jensen . Not sure why Harris wouldn't get some reps tonight and have Jensen mop up you have a paying crowd who expect their first place team to at least have a .500 record .

Not really happy with Campbell's decisions right now . Respect your fans and play it straight enough to give your team at least a chance for victory tonight . Bombers should be pounding them .

I don’t think Porky Campbell has anything to worry about. He knows how soft the bombers are and its pretty obvious to anyone who knows anything about football.

If the bombers end up going east - they’ll be virtual birdfeed to the ticats - so Campbell is bracing his team for a Ti-Cat invasion in the eastern final.

Bombers win they’ll get themselves slaughtered in the western semi!

Right now, Campbell is better having the bombers be eastern victims - doesn’t want anything to do with a hi-octane guy like Mike-rophone Reilly!

Matty Puke is really putrid in the red zone!

No craft whatsoever!

Ii guess that’s why the BBs just scored another TD! :slight_smile:

2 for 7 - he’s lights-out tonite! :rockin:

......Lyle....we admitted that the Bomber team playing the 'not so well known' team were hobos....Why did we label the Bomber squad as such??..Because we left key components at home....I know the team O'Shea brought to Ottawa were, he felt, just good enough...and they were....So who cares....It was never in the Bombers hands anyway where we played post season...We made a statement we prefer the western route to the Cup...Wise decision???I guess we'll find out what were really made of in these next games...I for one prefer it that way rather sneaking in the backdoor ..Say what you will about the club...they are vastly improved and will be contenders for the foreseeable future. :wink:

Definitely an improved club but with Neufeld apparently in for Chungh next week and Fogg on crutches and Wild M.I.A. I think the bombers have less than a 15% chance vs. the Lions - 20% at most!
Jennings will ravage that bomber secondary - actually a top CIS QB could do almost the same thing on any given day. Its not that the athletes are bad - but Hall is really on his last legs as a defensive coordinator in this league!
Wad Miller secretly praying the bombers don’t have to host the western semi - cuz I suspect the turnout would be embarrassing for team management! (try 12,500 to 17,500 of folks actually turning out if its bad weather, 16,500 to 22,500 if its nice)