Ottawa TV Round Table on Gades Wed 6:30 pm

Just so you know that some of us in Ottawa are still trying to help Gades.

Official press release from Ottawa's A-Channel affiliate.

OTTAWA and the Valley - With the future of football in the nation's capital once again in doubt, A-Channel News will be hosting a special, 30-minute "Ottawa Renegades Town Hall Meeting" on Wednesday, March 29.

The program will air at 6:30 p.m., live from the station's 87 George Street headquarters, offering an open forum format, featuring a respected panel of football insiders. The Town Hall Meeting will also welcome questions and feedback from a studio audience.

"The Renegades are an important part of the sports landscape in the Ottawa community and fans are passionate about their football," said Peter Angione, News Director of A-Channel Ottawa. "We hope this Town Hall Meeting will offer our viewers an opportunity to examine these issues facing the future of CFL football in the national capital region."

A three-person panel of respected football observers with Ottawa connections has been assembled for the event. Eric Tillman, a two-time Grey Cup winning general manager, who was entrusted with the Renegades' top football operations position when the franchise was born, will join Ottawa native Jason Kralt (presently a linebacker on the team's roster) and Jeff Avery, a former Ottawa Rough Rider receiver who is now a successful businessman in the city as well as a colour analyst for Renegade games on TEAM 1200 Sports radio.

The Ottawa Renegades Town Hall Meeting will examine where the franchise presently is; how it got to this point and where the team goes from here. Invited to the forum are fans, Renegades players and front office personnel, city officials, business people from the city, local media and Ottawa football alumni.

You can find A-Channel on Cable 6, ExpressVu 209 and StarChoice 342."


The station numbers listed are for the Ottawa area only.

Those of you in other parts of country with right satellite package may be able to pull this in.

Not to overstate the obvious --- but Renegade Nation will be there in full force. Some of us may even get our mugs on camera. 8) :shock: :roll:

Thanks for the heads up nooch.

I hope that the Renegade nation shows up and overflows the studio - to show that there ARE football fans in Ottawa. I hope this round-table discussion allows Renegades fans to voice what's been wrong all along - my guess is, the ownership and management - and that it shows a prospective buyer out there that having a successful team in Ottawa is NOT impossible.

Rest assured, if I lived in Ottawa, or within a 4-hour drive, I'd be there.

Nooch, or anyone else, you'll have to post the results! Don't keep us in the dark as to what was said! I have high hopes ...

if the though out is small, I get Dgod relocation idea a go, but I have not doubt people will get into it.

Bob Young posted something in the same thread on He knows about round table and said to tell Gades fans that League is still active in finding solution. He wished us luck with the round table.

If he knows, safe bet that other governors and League office knows about it too.

Can anyone in Ottawa answer whether there is some sort of a groundswell of support. Talk shows(besides this one) , newspapers etc. I seem to recall before the Gades came in as an expansion team, for a couple years leading up there was this local fanatic who started up a web site, I believe it was still exists, most of it is now the editor writing comments on the Renegades situation ...


By Mike Nixon,

Dear Mr. Melnyk:

As you surely know by now, the Ottawa Renegades of the CFL are for sale and if no sale is accomplished very soon the club will more than likely fold. I would strongly suggest, sir, that you are the only man for the job and that, like the Senators in bankruptcy; you could pick the Renegades up for a song. It is well known that you have the financial ability to own a CFL team. You probably could own the whole league and barely make a dent in your bank account. It is unknown how much interest you have and I am certainly aware that you love hockey first and foremost. But let me suggest something to you that you may not have considered…that is your legacy in this city. Already you are much beloved as a result of saving the Senators and running them in a first class manner. If that model is followed in terms of getting the right people in place and then letting them do their jobs the CFL can work in Ottawa.

I like this guy