ottawa tried to get HACK?

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Ottawa – Renegades were on a much-deserved bye last week. The club tried to get ex-Ticat Dave Hack to join the team but he is hoping to latch on with a playoff contender. Ottawa looks to make it three wins in a row over the Hamilton Tiger Cats this season. A loss would be devastating.

i never heard anything about this....did anyone of you?

Hack shoulda joined them and helped them push for a playoffs...Hack just wants a grey cup ring GIVEN to him!

thats terrible. If you want a ring work for it the full year and help your team win(Earn it). Don't latch onto the team thats most likely to win the GC just to get a ring. what would he tell his grandkids later?

Grandpa Hack: Look kids, this is my grey cup ring.

Kids: Oh thats nice Grandpa, how did you get it?

Grandpa Hack: well...ummm..uhhh...

....uncomfortable moment.


I agree with you on this one. It is the same in any sport earn it or what is the point?

this was reported in the ottawa citizen:

Ottawa’s list would include veteran offensive tackle Dave Hack, a seven-year starter who was recently released by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Paopao said the Renegades had strong interest in Hack, but said the University of Maryland product is taking a wait-and-see approach.

“I think he is looking for post-season (money),” said Paopao, who believes the Toronto Argonauts, B.C. Lions and ( ofcourse ) Edmonton Eskimos are also interested in Hack. “Financially, we made a strong commitment to him if he was to come aboard, but it wasn’t meant to be.”

Hack, 33, is still being paid by the Tiger-Cats because he has more than six years of CFL service and was cut after the mid-point of the season. “He can afford to wait it out,” Paopao said

i suggest hack shouldnt wait-and-see if the Gades make the playoffs b4 joining them…he should join them now and HELP them win 2 of thier last 3, so they DO make the playoffs…what an ASS…

the more i think about this, i can see why hamilton cut him, knowing they'd have to pay him....he's a selfish and greedy locker room cancer....hes not a team player, and he wants grey cups rings handed to him without work or effort.

...everyone likes to be on a winner....but I agree look a lot more legitimate...earning your position on a contender....not walking on to can you gain respect with what Hack is doing ...

Kinda fits with the last name in a way......

Pretty sad tho, he should've maybe lied and said that there were other offers he was considering or something if that's what he wanted to do.... Edmonton seems to have shored up their O-line, BC might be looking, besides that, who really needs him that's going into the playoffs?

Pretty bad when you get cut from the worst team in the first place.
What a hack!