Ottawa Trades Glenn to BC!

It's a done deal Ottawa Redblacks have finally traded QB Kevin Glenn to BC Lions for 5th pick in the draft.

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A starting QB for one draft pick (in a weak draft). Way to go Wally. LOL Marcel.

I figured it was more likely they would not be able to trade Glenn at all. Getting a starter for a disgruntled backup QB is about as good as it was going to get for Ottawa in this.

Can't believe he pulled it off. Kudos to Marcel because I never thought there was a chance a team would trade for him.

Right becasue no team through the season runs into QB trouble. Marcel could have gotten so much more for Glenn if he had waited.

Except he would have taken up a roster spot, and more importantly, one of the three QB spots.

Good to see Glenn getting the opportunity in BC, he knew he was a second fiddle in Ottawa to Burris at least as a back up in BC
to Lulay he may see some playing time, if Lulay goes down or gets pulled from a game.

Plus he must be relieved to get away from that situation in Ottawa, he thought he was the starter only to be dropped in favour of Burris, now Glenn has a clean start in BC.

Best of Luck to Kevin Glenn!

Go Cats Go!!!

This is great for Glenn and the Lions!

A 5th overall 1st round pick seems a lot for a back up QB, but,
Kevin Glenn's bonuses have already been paid, so if he does not start the majority of games
then his salary is a cap friendly $105K/yr!
The Lions are hosting the Grey Cup this year and their QB situation just got a whole lot more stable.
Wally and Kevin did well on this one!

From Farhan Lalji,

"Glenn's contract is also very desirable, especially as a back-up. With his roster bonuses already having been paid, all that remains to be paid during the season is approximately $105,000, assuming he doesn't start a majority of games."

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A presumed starter at this point.


I didn’t think Ottawa would get anything significant for Glenn. A first round pick is a good haul.

Too bad it wasn’t like soccer where teams get cash for players. Trade Glenn to BC for $500,000 cash. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agree that Ottawa did well out of this. I was one that thought they did poorly in the expansion draft. But this helps their case a lot.

Glenn has now been on the rosters of 7 of the 9 CFL teams, with Edmonton and Montreal being the only exceptions.

Interestingly, he has only ever suited up for 4 of them, as both Toronto and Ottawa traded him before he could ever take the field.

Seven teams must be a high among active CFLers. Add another couple of teams, and he'll be approaching Damon Allen or Matt Dunigan territory.

This is a steal for BC. A very serviceable QB for a low draft pick in the CFL draft?? Playing for an established team like the Lions, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Glenn thrive on the West coast.

I think Ottawa could've gotten more for him if they'd waited.

An Argo-Cat fan

Low draft pick? Really? 5th overall pick is low?

One would think Desjardins would agree with you. After all, he thinks the market value for an unproven, third-string QB is a starting import, and former 1st-overall Canadian, and a second round pick.

I really hope we make some trades with this guy.

Desjardins may have been concerned that Glenn would refuse to report to camp. Glenn appeared to be very, very upset at the situation that developed in Ottawa once Burris was signed.
The threat of such an embarrassing possibility just as the REDBLACKS started their first training camp would be unacceptable.

I think the Tiger Cats would be better off with Glenn, I wonder why he didn't come back here and doesn't BC already have a starting QB in Lulay?

Lulay has shoulder issues and will likely not start the season
Glenn is a huge insurance package as B.C. will host the Grey Cup this year

The Cats are totally committed to and are all in on ZACH COLLAROS

Ummmm, Glenn is under contract so he can’t just come back.