Just saw the Ottawa A Channel town hall meeting. Eric Tillman, Jason Kralt and John Avery were on the panel. Coach John Jenkins was in the crowd which was overflow in the studio. He made various passion speaches to include and I thought it was a good idea into having a season ticket telethone on the TV.
Eric mentioned how the ownership before the Gleibeguys destroyed the finances and marketing and are to blame for this mess. Jason indicated he is getting 15+ calls per day from players all want to play in Ottawa. He also said how the marketing presence the last two years in Ottawa and across the river in Gatineau is zero. This has to change.
The nerrator read a statement from the league, TW saying a BOG will meet this Friday regarding the serious three potentioal owners.
The drop dead date is April 4.
There were lots of passionate fans in the crowd wearing Gades colours.
I thought it came across really well.

Thanks, argotom.

It's good to know that people who know what they're talking about, people who have the power to do something about it, understand that marketing -- or rather the lack of it -- is the problem in Ottawa.

doesnt sound like anything real interesting came from this town meeting, other than a show of support... which would look good to a potential buyer.

Even if there was no big news to announce, the fact that it was overflowing, and the fact that respected football voices chimed in will only help in the future. Good move on behalf of the Renegades, the CFL, the city, or whoever is running these sorts of things these days ...

Dam I am going to miss those Mardi Gra days and the other promo's now hopefully with a new ownership group real marketing will happen to help this franchise.

Sounds like there is light at the end of this long tunnel. Hopefully the next ownership group will not only know football, butunderstand the significance of owning a CFL team.

Man.... I really like this huddle. Everytime I come in here, one of you guys is already here with the scoops/rumours he knows. This really is a top place to hear about everything related to the CFL.

You people are a real good gang to hang with on the net. Thanks for all the news and colour commentary.

Jenkins left me with the impression that he is still the coach. I guess the news reports of his sacking were premature...

I was there, even as an hardcore Al's fan, I wanted to show my support for the 'Gades.

After the show, we stuck around for at least 20 minutes, asking question to Eric Tillman & John Jenkins.

You can read most of it here: (end of page 2)

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First off, kudos to A-Channel for doing something to stir up interest.

Given the format and time--- 25 mins --- there wasn't a lot of time to cover everything that needed to be covered.

Mercifully, tho, the "How did we get tto this mess angle" was pretty short.

Jenkins dispelled the stories today that he was fired.

But Jenkins was given plenty of time to let everyone know that the coaches and Forrest Gregg have not been idele this off-season. He tried to convinve everyone that they'll have good team etc.

ET didn't say much he hasn't said before.

As he reported on Sportsnet, there are 3 interested parties, two from Ontario, one from US. He knows people involved with 2 of 3.

Because of number on panel plus Jenkins, there wasn't time for many of us to ask questions.

ET and others hung around after show and talked about several issues.

He and Arash Madani (the host and former Gades media guy) as well as myself still believe that football could be played in Ottawa this season.

I can't spin this part of it.

One thing that disappointed me was that no one from newspapers, RR alumni, current players, biz or city officials or even TEAM 1200,(part of A channel) was in attendance. So if there's anything in Sun, Citizen, or Globe tommorrow, it isn't based on any of their CFL writers being there

Having said that, my initial impression is that the whole exercise did nothing to hurt the cause. It got the issue out there in a public format so that's something.

After all, it'll be League office and other governors who make the decision.

Oh, and don't put too much talk into drop-dead dates. Larry Smith relaized what a useless phrase that was when he was commish. If talks are going well with a possible investor, no decision will come by 4th. But it can't drag on indefinitely.

Oh, and they read letter from Tom Wright accepting responsibility for what has gone on. He did tho reiterate that League is still actively involved in getting new ownership, but doing it right. One curious bit. He was apparently in town yesterday, a fact that local media seemed to have missed. One would think he was here for a reason.

By the way, BOG has call on Friday for update etc.

Tillam reiterated today on TEAM 1200 he thinks chances are 50-50 Gades will play in 06._________________