Ottawa @ Toronto

Do or die time for the Argos. They need a win tonight and a Hamilton loss tomorrow to make the playoffs.

Ray sitting kind of takes some of the excitement out of this game.

Go Argos!

Well, Ottawa came to play. :o

It was a fun special teams play. Too bad the offence couldn't do anything. I really hope Ottawa gets a new QB next season. It might slow the build, but they need it.

True enough Chief, but this Argo offense is designed to play well without Ray. Nice play calls TD - 7-0 Argos lead

Ottawas d looks like they are all ready to hit the golf course already. Have some pride out their. That drive was way too easy.

if the argo D and ST does their jobs, the rayless O will be just fine. Although I probably just jinxed them :slight_smile:

I'm looking at the sidelines and I don't see Barker anywhere ??? :lol:

Oh boy an Argo pick off - Ottawa in deep water....ect

Yeah, I was just gonna say that I may have been a tad premature. :lol: Let's see if the offence can take advantage of the turnover. If they can build an early lead, Ottawa will likely pack it in.

are you excited yet chief :slight_smile:

No you didn't FYB - Argos off to a 14-0 start...scarecrow around somewhere :slight_smile:

Black: CO2 breaths some oxygen ! They need to get ride of this guy. Its unbearable.

Scarecrows are designed to fight off a personal jink by FYB :stuck_out_tongue: Relax Chief.

All right! Harris comes from a family of QBs. That means we get to listen to Black go through Harris' entire family history. I think we found our drinking game tonight. :wink:

Talk about luck. Abdhula lost track of Chiles and Harris throws it off the mark right to him.

Dumb and Dumber (Baloney sandwich)

If any of his family members played in the NFL, we'll be hearing about it all night long

Rudge and Black yacking in the same room. Yikes!