Ottawa @ Toronto, Oct 6

As a football fan, I am hoping for a very physical, hard-fought battle tonight. While the HAM players rest up for Monday.

It's the typical "I want both teams to lose" scenario...

Ottawa could win this game. Tonight we will see if their new QB Evans is the real deal. If they beat the Argos the CFL East will start to tighten up.

I'd be OK with Ottawa not losing.

TOR has won five straight at BMO Field. According to the official game notes, they have not given up a point in the first quarter at home this year. Home field advantage (for real, not just by number of fans) could really matter in the playoffs.

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While they are undefeated, at home, so far this year, across the league, so far, there has not been a "home field advantage," Without taking time for a full count, I believe visiting teams have won more than home teams.

There was a couple of transactions, on Monday, which I didn't see.
Trevon Tate, was released by Ottawa, after playing one, there, and same day he was an Argo. He won't be active tonight, though.

Caleb Evans may come back down to earth tonight. I’m sure Jones will find ways to blitz the shite out of him. But I wouldn’t mind seeing him and the Redblacks pull off an upset.

Marshall Ferguson on pbp?

1st turnover of the game goes in the RBs' favour. Argos stopped on 3rd & 1

Sad to think that the Ottawa offence with Caleb Evans so far looks a hell of a lot more interesting than the Ti-Cats offence. :confused:

Ottawa's D has also stepped it up a notch. We'll have a hard time with them.

Redblacks starting to remember they are the Redblacks…

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TSN: "Caleb Evans needs to be surrounded with more weapons"

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They played a decent 1st half. All of a sudden 27 unanswered points by the Argos in the 3rd.

Apart from the last pick, Evans hasn’t looked bad. Certainly better than Dom Davis and Nichols. Bizarre game, two pick six and two blocked punt tds. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that in one night.

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21-38 3 INTs might be better than Dom Davis but I don't think he's looked good at all.

Start of the collapse wasn’t really on him. And first pick was a batted pass. After that I think he pressed a bit trying to make up points. He can at least deliver the ball downfield, but at the same time, welcome to game 2 rookie. He’ll be sticking around though.

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I'll take your word for it

If not it could be the start of the Taryn Christion era.

Was pulling for Ottawa in this one. Monday is looking like a must win if we want a shot at first place.

Agreed. He played his 2nd pro game against a very good defence. On a couple of his interceptions it looked like the Argos baited him. I don't think Evans even saw the defenders. LaPolice will have him doing lots of film study the next few days.

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