Ottawa to Proceed With Lansdowne Park Negotiations

The Ottawa Citizen reports that Ottawa city council has voted 14 to 9 today in favour of commencing a 60 day negotiation period with Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group to determine whether an agreement can be reached on the development of Lansdowne Park:

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On March 25, 2008, the CFL Board of Governors awarded a conditional franchise to an Ottawa group that includes 67's owner Jeff Hunt. The franchise will be condition free when the Hunt group negotiates a stadium deal with the City of Ottawa. You are invited to show your support for the franchise by reserving a seat in the stadium for the team's first season. Each seat reservation is $25 and special consideration is being given to former season ticket holders of the Ottawa Renegades and/or Ottawa Rough Riders.

Reserve your seat(s) at Capital Tickets by following this link:

Support Ottawa 's New CFL Team -- $25 Per Seat Reservation

Excellent news, I'm glad the city is looking to re-establish the CFL in Ottawa rather than trying to get into soccer.

The Lansdowne option is sensible because it is open to BOTH soccer and football and not one in lieu of the other.

60 Days is not very Long
what if they Can't agree is Ottawa then Finaly dead?