Ottawa to get 2014 Grey Cup

If Ottawa has a team in the Canadian Football League in 2014, it will host the Grey Cup at season's end.

The league confirmed a report out of Ottawa that the city will host the title game, contingent upon the ability to form a franchise and build a new stadium on the grounds of Lansdowne Park.

A group of four investors, headed up by Ottawa 67's owner Jeff Hunt, was granted a conditional franchise earlier this year and are now in the process of working out details on the new stadium. The south side of Frank Clair Stadium was demolished in July.

"When we got our conditional franchise, we were awarded a Grey Cup," Hunt told the Ottawa Sun. "That was a key element when we were in negotiations with the CFL. We thought having the ability to host a Grey Cup was an important piece of the puzzle."

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I was just thinking about this earlier. I thought it'd be a great idea to give Ottawa an early Grey Cup. It'd give the team plenty of cash and would help them stay afloat.

It was tried when Ottawa got a team back earlier in the decade, and it did not work, so I don't see how it would be different a second time around. It could work, but until they get the team first, it seems that the league is putting the cart before the horse.

Because a Grey Cup was not really mentioned during the announcement of the conditional franchise, I assumed that they looked back on the Renegades experience and decided against making a Cup game part of negotiations.

Really, I think an onwnership group should have to prove itself a little first. I'm happy about the news, but I don't think that it's the way I would have gone about it if I were Cohon and co., frankly.

I agree with you CRF, if the league is going to award a game, at the very least, the term "conditional" should be dropped first. Then when the team does get itself going, then look at awarding them a Grey Cup game.

It is conditional. They have to get a team and stadium first. about putting the cart before the horse.....I do hope Ottawa gets back in and soon....but talking about a Grey Cup there before a stadium has even been built....whoah....just call me too much of a realist to see that announcement ,at this particular time.....especially when you have to deal with govts.....BUT HEY ...gotta give Cohon 'A' for the exhuberant press... :rockin:

I can maybe give you one reason why it was announced now (aside from the fact that it happens to be, you know, Grey cup week...)

The Sun's online headline is:

"Grey-t day for Ottawa: Grey Cup here in 2014 ... now the ball's in council's hands"

The Sun was the only paper to report it. I wonder if in exchange for a scoop, they weren't asked to include that bit about council to apply a little more pressure to have Lansdowne Live approved. Council votes on it in about six weeks.

I guess that doesn't seem unreasonable. :wink:

I don't think they have announce, 2010-2013 have they. I suspect this is to give the team something to work towards and ensure there is some stability in the organization. There are a large number of individuals who said the Renegade owners stopped caring about the team after they took the money from the Grey Cup. So maybe this is a pre-emptive strike to tell Ottawa get your house in order first.

This is possible the stupidest thing i could imagine the CFL doing…why keep beating a dead horse. I read that ottawa is getting the 2014 grey cup and i couldn’t stop laughing. The have half a stadium (and yes i know that is more than anyone else has) but instead of trying to put a team in a city that’s had two kicks at the can why not go out east and give Halifax a team. They’d have absolutely no competion out their for fans and anyone thats been to any canada games or other event like that knows that maritimers are some of the most passionate people on the planet.

On another note, the CFL needs to lose the what can we give u ottawa so that you’ll please join our little party attitude and walk away and say when u SHOW us (build the stadium, get the owner, stop all the redtape bs) we might give u a team back. Quite coddaling (sp) and grow some balls and show some tough love and maybe something might get done.

PS and if they get a team back and its named the Rough Riders i don’t know what i’ll do, other than agree with people when they call our league the laughing stock of pro sports.

If the CFL granted QC the 2015 and 2016 stadium it could convince the burocrats to build a stadium…
Two grey cips would replace the dollars spent building the stadium…
I believe that Grey Cup usually bring in over 50 million from outside the province it is hosted in. 25000 people…2K per person

6 whole years. Start the countdown! :cowboy:

You answered your own question before even asking it.

I don't want to get into this whole thing again, I really don't. But you don't just "put" a team in a city because it's there then say "All right, Halifax, here's a team. Anyone want to own it? Oh, and work out a way to get a place built for it to play in?"

The reason the CFL awarded a franchise to Ottawa is because potential owners have stepped up. No one ever seems to in the maritimes. Oh, wait, that not true. Someone did almost a quarter of a century ago. And what did the CFL do? Awarded them a conditional franchise! And what happened? It got squandered.

The CFL isn't bowing to Ottawa and begging it to come back. It's also not wooing Ottawa at the expense of other places. Ottawa is just really it's only option because whenever the opportunity looks like it might surface elsewhere (Laval stadium expansion, Moncton stadium, commonwealth games in the maritimes) nothing comes of it. For all that these places are said to be so deserving, they do nothing to actually, you know, deserve it. Ottawa may have "failed" twice, but these places never even get in the starting blocks.

I'm kinda skeptical of this, but then again it's also good because it puts the onus on the Ottawa council to approve it. Maybe it's just me but Jeff Hunt steps in and offers to bring back football to Ottawa, and it seems like city council in Ottawa has other plans. I don't have a lot to base it on but I get the impression they could care less about football in Ottawa returning.

There is one councillor in particular who appears as being dead set against it (named Clive Doucet). He is the councillor for the neighborhood that the stadium is in.

In that neighborhood, the community association hates having a stadium there because of the noise, traffic, etc, that comes with it. Not everyone in the neighborhood hates it, but most in the association do. And he represents them. And because the stadium in his ward, he tends to be quoted most. That's probably why you're getting that sense, because he's been very aggressive.

There is one councillor who is all in favour of it, and the mayor himself quite likes the proposal. But if you're too vocal about wanting football back, you're taking the chance of coming off like you'll approve anything just because you're a fan, so they tend to be quiet about it.

This could blow up in the league's face, so I thought awarding Ottawa the Grey Cup game in 2014 is a bit premature. If council decides that it doesn't want to ahead with rebuilding Frank Clair Stadium or if the team does fold again before the 2014 game arrives, it will look very bad for all involved. The CFL does not need that sort of embarrassment. Cohon should wait and see if Ottawa council will approve the rebuilding of the stadium, and see how Ottawa fans support the new team-- that is more important than just awarding the game to a city without a team yet.

Right now, my bigger concern is Melnyk's soccer plan. If that thing is approved, then council has every right and reason (though we may not like it) to hit the breaks and say "wait a minute...we could have a stadium just outside the city and rebuild Lansdowne Park without one". They'd have to consider it.

So the timing of the announcements is going to be a huge deal. If the MLS awards two teams outside Ottawa before mid-January, or if they wait until February to get around to it, then Lansdowne Live has no competition whenit goes to council. If Ottawa gets an MLS team next month, then it becomes a little more muddled.

Mind you, Melnyk might be open to having the Grey Cup played on his field instead, for all I know...

You can call Ottawa a deadhorse if you wish, but I expect if any other team in the league had suffered through the same horrible mis-management that team probably would fold as well.
Lonie Glieberman gave the entire league a black eye.

Those of us who are excited about the CFL's return to Ottawa are so because of the respect Jeff Hunt has in the Ottawa sports and business community. I don't expect there will be any more drafting of dead players.

...but you're probably best to get used to calling them the Rough Riders first. :wink:

Then perhaps a Rider vs Rider 2014 Grey Cup? :thup: