Ottawa ticket sales

Redblacks owner Jeff Hunt said that the team was pushing the 13,000-mark for season ticket sales, with nearly four months to go before the home opener. And that was before the launch of the home opener ticket pack last weekend (

With a previously-stated goal of 15,000 season tickets sold, Hunt and the Ottawa Sports & Entertainment Group have to be really pleased with the results to date.

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Was the season ticket cap for the Tiger-Cats to have been 16,000 or 17,000?

If you look at the information on season tickets available and work backwards from 17,000 available, the Cats should have 12,472 season tickets sold as of the last time this information was updated.

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Could be completely wrong on that..

For Hamilton, if we continue with the assumption of a 17,000 season seat limit and the information of free seats provided by this ticket app, the latest info has season ticket sales at around 15,900..

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Please correct me if my assumptions are way off..

I would guess (and its only a guess) that you are in the ball park at where they are in SSH's, which would mean with almost 4 months to go, they have only 1100 or so more to sell to reach the 17,000 mark --that is , if the ticket app is correct.
I wonder if they will even bother offering flex packs or 3 packs this year . In any case, I hope they sell out every game , by all indications they may just do that.

I've been keeping an eye on what seats were remaining throughout the off-season, checking back every few weeks. Interesting that between March 30th and April 7th there was a huge change, from about 4500 tickets remaining, to about 1100 tickets remaining.

If I had to guess, the Ticats actually had more than 17,000 seats "available" to the public to purchase, essentially giving fans their choice of what row/seats they want. Now that they're nearing the season ticket cap, they've changed the seating chart to only show what is really available.

If they really are approaching the 17,000 seat cap, I don't think you'll be seeing many options for flex packs or 3 packs this year. Maybe there will a package trying to sell some of the "lesser" games (not Labour Day or the Home Opener).

Where did the 17,000 season seats cap number come from? Does anyone know or have a link to anything that states that number? I see 16,000 mentioned here.

You're right, looks like 16,000 is the number according to this.


Ah.. then peg that season ticket estimate at ~14,900..

I just checked the online availability numbers again and they seem to have reverted to the figures showing 3500 season tickets available as opposed to the 1100 shown more recently. Perhaps there's a cached data issue with my browser?

Otherwise the availability shown on there is arbitrary and useless.

Looks like you are correct. It didn't seem right that they had all the sudden sold so many.

Since I bought my tickets Feb 1, not one ticket has been sold in my section.

Still not worried. It is such a small stadium there is no reason to think they cant sell it out every game. Cant compare it to Ottawa.