Ottawa test market Red&Black

Does not roll off too well...

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Oh dear god......

Not too good IMHO but then what do I know? :?

LMAO, no way hahaha. Nobody could possibly be that stupid. :thdn:

:lol: :lol:

It could be worse. They could have called them the Rod Blacks.

I can't imagine that they can't find a better name. Makes no sense!


Red Blacks......RB's.......Arbys.......Roast Beef.........RB's......Arbys......Roast Beef.......RB's


What. A. Terrible. Name.

I sincerely hope Hunt isn't dumb enough to go with any variant of RedBlacks.

I have a feeling they'll pick an asinine name anyways. If they can, with a straight face none the less, suggest Ottawa Red Blacks after suggesting Ottawa Rush, we can't trust these people.

The XFL called and wants its dated, mickey mouse league names back :roll:

What utter garbage

The Rapids, Rebels, Reveres or Riflemen are even that more palatable now.

Any one of the previous aforementioned will suffice Mr. Hunt......Please NO red Blacks.....PLEASE? With sugar on top?

Given that they (I think) want the name to be bilingual, or at least close enough (as in both Englis and French names start with "R"), Riflemen is likely out. Reveres? I don't see them going with an American-themed name these days, although I could be wrong. I suspect Rebels is still owned by the defunct NLL team. And Rapids might still belong to the Ottawa Voyageurs baseball team, having been played under Ottawa Rapids and Ottawa Rapidz.

Agreed. Although it's not quite as bad as some others I've heard.

redblacks sounds kinda racist

You must not recall when Baltimore played a season without a nickname due to infringement on the Stallions name. The press referred to them as the "Baltimore CFLers". :roll: Was that 1994? The year they lost the Cup to BC?

I'll dissent... that's an OK name.

It is a fairly traditional football/athletic name in that part of the country... Laval Rouge et Or, University of Ottawa Gee-Gees (GG's stands for Garnet and Gray)

Ottawa Red and Black

  1. Red and Black keeps the iconic "R"
  2. Rouge et Noir for marketing on the other side of the river
  3. The fans could still informally refer to the team as the Roughriders
  4. Uses the traditional Ottawa football colours

I like it. I previously like the idea of resurrecting the name Ottawa Football Club. (Mostly so fans could informally refer to the team as the Roughriders)

But Red & Black might be better.


i like it a heckuva lot better than "Rush". I'm going to reserve judgement. It doesn't exactly sit well with me or roll off the tongue quite the way I'd like, but maybe it'll grow on me.

Choose Riflemen, Jeff!

I'm a little more disappointed at "Ottawa Fury FC". Not too professional sounding to me, and I don't think the current Ottawa Fury are so popular that this would carry any capital forward with the fans. Maybe it's just me, but the team names that try to be OVERLY intimidating to the opposition just come across lame to me. If you're gonna do that, why not call them "Ottawa BOO! FC"?

Ottawa Intrepid SC/FC, Jeff!!!

The Ottawa Rascals!

It wasn't like they went out of their way to pick that name, circumstances kind of forced it on to them. This one the other hand is just...bad.....

true, as the Baltimore franchise was originally named the Baltimore CFL Colts, although the NFL obtained an injunction against team's use of any version of "Colts" right before the team's first game, which saddled them without a name until the following season.

these two situations are apples to oranges in relevancy.

Ottawa Red and Black is infinitely better than the:

Ottawa "local dangerous animals"
Ottawa "trendy word that the kids will like"
Ottawa "awkward historical references"
Ottawa "random word that starts with R's"

The New Orleans Hornets are changing their name to the Pelicans. Here's a pretty good/funny article defending the name change.

My favourite part:

The truly classic names aren't aggressive—Yankees, Packers, Browns, Maple Leafs—and yet they'd never get past the first public Facebook vote today. Not edgy enough. For the last couple decades, franchises have just been picking whatever deadly local animal springs to mind.
The best part of "Red and Black" is that the name is vague/lame enough that the fans will have free reign to nickname the team. Maybe they'll be commonly referred to as the Reds, or maybe the RNB... or the Roughriders!