Ottawa takes Moton Hopkins

Well we lose one of the best young guys on the team...Thanks Moton a fine gentle giant... Great player for Ottawa.

Well, the org must not have thought he was that great to leave him unprotected. He may develop into a great DT, but for us he was just another body. Not a huge loss IMO.

Maybe to you. We are the only team that lost a starter... BC and Calgary make out like bandits. Mark Nelson must think pretty highly of him...

Like I said, just my opinion. We’ll see how Hopkins pans out. He was in a rotation with Cash and Scooter Berry anyway, and only became a starter this year because Berry got injured. As for Calgary and BC not losing a starter, they both lost the backup Qbs that carried them through the 2013 season when their (fragile) starters went down. Effectively, they lost starters, even if they are technically backups…

I'm surprised they went for Dimarco. I figured they would take Harris from Toronto

I guess they figure DeMarco has more game experience?

Maybe we will get an early xmas present :slight_smile:

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C'est un soldat qui a fait son boulot. Il a une santé fragile et est un peu trop léger à mon goût. Même s'il a connu de bons matchs, je ne suis ni déçu ni inquiet de sa perte. J'aurai été déçu de voir Brandon Whitaker ou Jamel Richardson repêché. Je crains que Desjardins ne repêche Michael Klassen et Kristian Matte (ou Pascal Baillargeon) en deuxième et troisième ronde. Voilà deux bons jeunes joueurs canadiens qui ont un bel avenir.

Yeah. Klassen, Lumbala, Verdone, Lavoie and Boulay are the guys at risk.

Patrick Lavoie a été repêché par Ottawa en ronde 2. Je suis un peu surpris. Pour moi, ceci indique que Kristian Matte était parmi les 6 premiers non-canadiens protégés.


Happy for Lavoie. The Als had Zero clue on how to use him and he rotted all season. Maybe Ottawa will know how to use him and he will be a good salesman in area for them.

Yeah, I'm happy for Lavoie too. He'll get a fair shot with Ottawa instead of being an afterthought, as he was in 2013. He proved in his rookie season that he can be a difference-maker on offense. Just one more sign of the ineptitude of Berry and Miller that they couldn't figure out a way to use him after Trestman and Brady had pretty much given them the blueprint.