Ottawa Sun Pole asking if CFL will survive.

Hey everyone, let's get behind the new Ottawa team and show the rest of that city that CFL Fans believe in Ottawa.
Here's the link to the Ottawa Sun's pole.

It takes two clicks of the mouse to show your support!

Done. Thanks for the heads up! :thup:


They have a Polish guy working at the Ottawa Sun?
If he is asking about the future of the CFL tell him things are fine.
Please correct the spelling on this thread title!

Can't correct it, typo's happen.

I'm not trying to be overly niggly here.
We all make typos.... but you got it wrong twice. Once in the thead title and once in a post.
Thanks for trying to correct it though.

Whats your point…

Maybe we need a see and say here or something.. haha

A "pole" is what phone and power wires are held up with. A poll is a question to the masses.

zen: :lol: Maybe now they will get it. Thanks.

What's a 'thead" title?

I have a question.. what does "niggly" mean?

The poll has disappeared but the only way the CFL will survive is if the fans come out. I see a lot of talk on this site but how many will actually come out?

If the Ticats are at home I don't expect anyone to be "on-line" and doing one of these "game day threads" a true fan will be at the game and putting their money down.

John Diefenbaker once famously made use of the double spelling... and meaning... of this term when he said in response to a journalist's question about poll results that were not going well for him in an election campaign: "Dogs know best what to do with polls."

How arrogant. Why must a true fan be one that is in attendance. There a thousand reasons why someone may not be able to go. If anything you are not a true fan because you are actively trying to diminish the fan base

zen: It means if I spell “thread” wrong twice… you are entitled to point it out to me. :slight_smile:

Very childish!! that is very funny. I am not a true fan because I actively try to diminish the fan base.

So I must have hit a nerve with you. You don't buy tickets to support the team?
You think that sitting at home watching the Ticats for free is loyalty?
It's no wonder that we have the lowest attendance in the league in the largest market in Canada!

So living in Vancouver or Montreal means you can't be a fan. Or if you are unemployed you cannot be a fan. Or if you are a senior on a fixed income yo cannot be a fan. Or if you are disabled and need assistance that you can't get means you aren't a fan. Or if you are an employee of the team so you don't buy tickets you aren't a fan. Lots of reasons not to be at the game or buy a ticket. Your true fan crap is just that .... arrogant crap that does nothing to serve the team but rather makes people feel unwelcome. Fans come in all shapes. Deal with it and quit with the preachy garbage

I didn't realize that you were unemployed and that you lived in Vancouver or is it Montreal?

His point is still valid - Hamilton fans get off the internet, get off the couch turn off the TV and get down to the stadium and buy a ticket or the team is gone!!

No you have no point. What my position is isn't relevant although its well known that I am a CAT team member and don't buy tickets because none of my friends go any longer after the years of losing took its toll. The fact is true fans cannot all go to games and saying you aren't one if you don't go is wrong and abusive behaviour. It won't get one single extra seat sold but it may get some sales cancelled

I think if you're a fan of the team... and have hundreds (if not thousands) of posts on this forum.. and live in the city... and have no valid reason not to attend (of which there can be many), then you should be at the game. I would think people that consider themselves "die-hard fans" would be ones who go to Ivor Wynne for home games.