Ottawa Steelbacks??? or Redagades

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The Ottawa Renegades may live to see another day just yet

TORONTO, April 13 /CNW/ - Frank D'Angelo, President and CEO of Steelback
Brewery and D'Angelo Brands, publicly announced his intentions to buy the
Ottawa Renegades today saving the beleaguered CFL club from gridiron
extinction. The move, touted by many as the only real viable offer put forth
since the Gleiberman's approached the League with their woes earlier this
year, is a good one for both D'Angelo and the Ottawa Renegades. Details are of
course still being ironed out but D'Angelo says he feels confident that CFL
football with be back with a vengeance in Ottawa in 2007.
"The CFL is part of our culture and heritage, it's an incredible game and
the Renegades are a team worth saving and keeping in the Capital. The city
deserves it, the fans deserve it. It's a win-win situation." Frank D'Angelo is
a big fan of the CFL, and he's proven it by sponsoring the Toronto Argonauts
for the past two years when some of the other bigger breweries walked away
from the team. Some say the grassroots corporate sponsorships brands such as
Steelback and D'Angelo Brands have brought to the Argonauts is what has
restored some of the team's luster.
When asked if he would still support the Argonauts if he purchased the
Ottawa team he answered, "Absolutely, when we make a commitment we stick it.
Toronto, along with a few other resurgent CFL teams, has brought respect back
to the CFL and we'd like to do that in Ottawa. There is a solid fan base in
Ottawa and we'd like to bring them a team that they can be proud of."
Frank D'Angelo and the Steelback people have been contact with CFL
officials and will be meeting next week to discuss options.

Steelback Brewery is a private company based in Tiverton, Ontario where
it brews ten distinct brands of premium quality beer: Copperhead Pilsner,
Bruce Country Wild, Steelback Thunder, Steelback Silver, Steelback Red,
Tiverton Bear Honey Brown, Tiverton Bear Dark Lager, Chain, Link Light and
Tango. It is the first brewery in Canada to use innovative packaging methods
such as unbreakable bottles and large format cans with full "body sleeve"
labels. Available at The Beer Store.

D'Angelo Brands Ltd. is a private company committed to providing the
highest quality beverage and food products. Based out of Mississauga, Ontario,
D'Angelo Brands offers a wide variety of beverages as well as private label
and co-packaging services.

Interesting. The next 2/4 I will be buying, which will be very shortly, just about out of brewskies, will be Steelback, I didn't know the owner was a fan of the CFL so much.

If that was the case, why didnt he come forward before the league suspended operation of the Renegades??

Maybe he's waiting for the stadium in Halifax to be built so he could move them there! :wink:

Heartwarming. Truly.

Lets call this a Steelback advertising campaign ... 'cuz more than likely, it is exactly that.

Had this company seriously considered purchasing the team - Doncha think they would have made an announcement when the league was actually looking for owners? Before a new schedule was created without Ottawa? Before the team was completely dismantelled in the dispersal draft? Now they publicly release their intentions well after the fact that this season is lost (?) - and it warms the hearts of Ottawaonians (is that a word?) .. and they all buy steelback beer - and we all live drunkenly / happily ever after!

For Ottawa's sake .. I hope its true .. However I'd hate to see a beer company go south because it has to float a moolah swilling Ottawa team.


Their reasons could have been the same as the other groups for passing on the Gades. Now they can start fresh. StatiK76 you have stop being so negative. If they did put there name in and pull out like all the others did that would not have been a good PR move - Doncha think.

I just heard him on the Team 1200 about an hour ago....he really sounds interested and genuinely passionate....this would be a dream come true for Gades fans.....if it takes a year off to get this mess straightened out for the long run, I'm all for it.

Would that mean they would have a beer logo on their new helmet?

While I don't doubt Mr D'Angelo's passion for the CFL and his interest in buying into the league, I do question whether or not he has the resources to successfully run this organization in Ottawa. Let's face it, based on a lot of reports and even the postings on this site, the Ottawa market is going to be a tough sell for any new owner. There will be losses in the early going and I question what his threshold for absorbing these losses will be.

Having seen Frank D'Angelo's involvement with the Argos first hand and his sideshow antics at select Argo games, I don't think he is the owner the league is looking for.

Side show antics??? I'm now scared to ask.....what kind?

Ok, I'll explain

Over the past 2 seasons the Argos have had a "title" sponsor for each home game. They are recognized during a ceremonial kickoff and some even participate in that ceremony.

On the occasions when Steelback/D'Angelo have been the title sponsor, Frank D'Angelo has done the ceremonial kickoff, performed the national anthem with his "band", and also performed at the halftime show. In addition, his tv commercials are aired in the stadium during TV time outs. If you've ever seen any of his commercials where he and his band perform, you'll know what I mean.

I can totally see D'Angelo letting his passion and ego interfere with the operations of the football team, meaning that he would be a bit too much "hands on" than an owner should be. It could work, but I think there have been too many bad examples of that to lead me to believe that it would.

Thx Horus

...I hope ..this is not just a beer commercial of great proportions....showing interest in reviving things in Ottawa...but heh....if the guy is genuine about bringing back a club in the have to definitely entertain it.....BUT GET SOME GURANTEES FROM THE NEXT OWNER... IN WRITING... BEFORE HAND..Failure of another franchise there one road the CFL does not want to go down again... :twisted:

.......I like the idea of a two million dollar bond placed by the next Owner ensuring that he/she won't walk away from the club like the goobermen did.....


We are known as Ottawans.

If Steelback buys the 'Gades..... will we have Ben Johnson at WR? :wink:

Horus you are correct in your summary. Frank is a passionate Canadian and loves the CFL. He used to be a sponsor in the 90's with D'Angelo juices and the last several years with his mega beer company. The latter which I know for a fact is very wealthy.
I just heard him being interviewed by Bob McCown with Stven Brunt on Fan 590/Sportsnet. He is very interested and will be meeting the commish next week.
As to why he didn't come forward before, even though Bob did not ask, I suppose as a good business man why would you. Assume the debt and the projected losses for the year. When you can start fresh without any debt next year.
The league has been saying and what I proposed myself while we were discussing expansion, in addition to the purchase price a $10M bond needs to be put up so the fiasco of the Gleiberguys never comes up.
D'Angelo is not camera or publicity shy, but loves the CFL. He also said about already having a new uniform designed and would look to a new name.
Very interesting.

It is interesting. Especially considering how many other people had come forward from all over to look into the team. Should he buy the team alone, or would there be more (or interest) for a partner or another coalition?

Ottawa ain't that hard of a market for football. If he can get enough money to be serious and can get us into the playoffs, people are going to show up without a doubt. The old Rough rider fans are going to come back and we should easily get over 25,000 maybe 30,000. All we need is ONE winning season (something we haven't seen in a while!).

think they will keep the Gades name, see my reply in the Ottawa forum for more.

good job Ottawa, you made some noise :wink: now just a little bit louder!

I am totally with you there, plbr! Wouldn't that be awesome to see Frank Clair rocking on a cool fall afternoon! I think I'll have to take up Steelback! Although I really hate their commercials... you know the one of old the old NHLers in the changeroom. But I'd watch that commercial for a month straight if it brought back the Gades!