Ottawa Stadium to have grass or synthetic surface?

Anyone know. I'd love grass, but I'm sure it won't be. This is one of my fave memories of the old grass field...

Unfortuately synthetic... just as long as they don't have a concret pad underneath, I'll be happy...


It would need to be artificial turf for what they have planned for the filed especilly with a full sized Winter bubble going in.
Artificail surfaces are much better these days and I would thing that Ottawa has gone with one of the standard turfs that are FIFA soccer approved, I use that as an example because thos turfs are almost better than real grass especially when it is cold anf the ground is frozen.
BMO has Grass field but it is of EPL soccer approved naural turf and heated so the ground does not freeze and is irrigated but very expensive I am sure. Saputo also having FIFA approved grass but not as high a quality of BMO.
If you are going to have grass fields in Canadian stadiums to be of pro standards now it is very expensive not like in the old days

Geez. I was at that game. I remember players coming out of the game, esp JC Watts because they got mud in their eyes from midfield. It's also amazing how as that problem wasn't so evident in the early and mid 70s as it was until 1983. I was at the 79 Eastern Semi-Final and it wasn't terribly muddy then. All this the result of the Grandstand Stage at midfield from the Ex.

There is no official confirmation that there will be a dome going up in the winter when Lansdowne is complete.

Won't surprise me if the city provides $5 bills to use as blades of grass, they've given OSEG everything else they asked for.

And so they should. Did you not see what kind of economic impact having a stadium that can host a major event can have on a city? There’s a recent thread that talks about how much money the 100th Grey Cup brought to Toronto. It makes sense to have a stadium constructed with partial government money.

it only makes sense if they can prove economic return to the tax payers.

it doesnt make sense if it just shuffles money around.

From the federal viewpoint, how much of that money spent in toronto would still have been spent elsewhere in canada.

From the provincial viewpoint, how much of that money spent in toronto would still have been spent in the province.

It really only makes sense for the civic govt and only if they can prove economic gain for the city.

I know its easy to look at say this is not a good deal but the fact is it is we could have done nothing for an other 20-30 years or very little and just keep putting millions into it every year for up keep long term it would cost more.

With Ottawa its a bit more complex Lnadsdown has been falling apart for years and something had to be done now you can say was the right thing maybe it was not but on the other hand those that wanted a park it would have cost $200-$500 million and very few would have used it plus it would not bring in any revnue like Landsdown will.

Oh yes, PLEASE, let's bring up this debate again. Never mind that it was resolved months ago and that it was argued for years beforehand, going over it all over again now will really accomplish a lot.

At least stadiums are used by high schools and other amateur groups. I'd like to know how many high schools or amateur groups get to use Canadian based NHL arenas that have been paid for by the taxpayers for much of the part.

Scotia Bank Place which is 100% private does have alot of community use now most would not be prime time hours buts till there is alot of groups that do use the ice.

That's decent then jay, well for those that know how to skate. :wink:

The Gees Gees I blieve have built in the anchors and announced that this is where the Ottawa winter Bubble will be placed so artificial turf most likely will be used with plenty of University activities and othe groups using the field in the Winter as a stream of revenue.
The Sooners connected with the Ravens already use the Keith Harris and are unofficialy connected. The JR riders could do the same at the new Gee gee on campus stadium but they play in the lower CJFL but still a football program at the Junior level on campus for the Gee Gees to connect transfer players with or even Cumberland. Either team may get some better Junior football recruits with the Home stadium for games being at the new Gee Gee stadium or even both

Unless they move this year, the Jr Riders are in the QJFL. I would absolutely love to see them play in the OFC with Sooners though.

I haven't checked in a while, but I recall noticing that the Gee-Gees had a boatload of Cumberland Panther players (poached from the varsity program), and Cumberland's field is terrible, in my opinion. I would love to hear that Cumberland and the U. of O. have the type of connection that the Sooners and Ravens have.

With the Gee Gees finally having an on campus stadium it is likely that one of the other Junior teams will play games at the stadium and form a partnership with the gee gees formal or informal as it seems to be the trend of the OUA schools to hook on and use the university stadium.
I wonder with Ivory Wynn out of Commision the Ti Cats were turned away by MAC will the Hurricanes be using MAC?

The OFC is going the way of the Quebec Junior teams and are unable to compete with the PCF and BCFC as seen by this years Jostens Cup.
The last time the OFC won a National semi final was in 2007 and the last time a Canadian Bowl was 1999.
How long before the OFC also goes independent like the Quebec teams in forming the QJFL with the OFC team basically playing as feeders and a place for transfers to play while sitting a year.
Any top player in Canada looking to play at a high amatuer level without attending a University team needs to go west to the PFC or BCFC

Very long.

Nonsense. In both cases, you're isolating a small piece of information a spreading it league and country wide. Besides the Sooners, are the other OFC teams currently hosting several transfers for the sake of the local CIS program? And now that Carleton's program is up and running, do you actually know that the Sooners will do so again this year, to the same level that they did last year?

I would not say the Ofc is going the way of the Quebec league part of the issue is the past few years the Ofc has added expanded last count i think it 3 teams while its good the league has 8 teams but with the new teams it will take the league time to get stronger and no doubt 3-5 years from now it should be a very strong league.

I don't think the Ofc will go independent my guess is they will keep expanding it would not shock me by 2018 if they have 12-16 teams and is a real strong league who knows long term what the Pfc and Bcfc will be like yes there top league but not a alot of teams and no real sign of expanson will happen in those league anytime soon thats a bit of a concern.