Ottawa stadium name for sale for $1M+

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The name of the football stadium that's rising up at Lansdowne Park has a price.

Yep, it will no longer be Frank Clair Stadium.

There will be a brand name attached, likely at a pricetag of more than $1 million per season.

"It was well known when we were doing our business plan with the city that we were looking for a naming rights partner," said OSEG sports president Jeff Hunt. "We're out in the market now. It's a big deal for us."

It's believed Winnipeg got in the neighbourhood of $800,000 per year for 12 years for naming rights to its stadium (Investors Group Field), while it's rumoured that Hamilton got about $1 million per year for 10 years for its new stadium (Tim Hortons Field). Ottawa, with both CFL and NASL games being played at the stadium, could get more.

"We're aware of the Hamilton and Winnipeg deals," said Hunt. "It's an attractive opportunity, with everything that will be going on at Lansdowne."

Hunt said while the stadium wouldn't carry the Frank Clair name, it's important that Clair's legacy be honoured.

"We definitely want to work with Frank Clair's family to come up with an appropriate form of recognition," he said.

Hopefully they do a reverse Saskatchewan

Big Corp Field at Frank Clair Stadium

Good on them, naming rights are going up in the CFL.
I wonder who will end up getting it.

They cold always drop the ball like we did here in Vancouver and get nothing....
who cares about preserving the legacy of frank claire... He was an american who returned to his country after he was done making a living in ottawa. Its not like he was Pinball Clemons and stuck around

I still don't understand what happened between BC Place and Telus, I thought it was a decent deal all things considered.

The provincial government put the axe to that idea.

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“We have been in negotiations ... with Telus for quite some time. But in the end we decided the name, BC Place, was more important to retain,? - Pat Bell, the Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation.

Absolute BS reason.

That's just disappointing.

Not that anyone will be picky about which company gives us $1M+ to put their name on our stadium, but since the expansion draft is still about a month away let's kill some time and have some fun....what company do you hope wins the rights?
I'm all for Moosehead Breweries; my favorite beer and the largest remaining truly Canadian brewery in the country. :thup:

Just noticed, what happened to my post from last night? There was nothing ofensive about it? :?

Hey CRF, I've also noticed posts do go missing sometimes and I think it's a glitch in the web site, not always an offensive type post.

Anyways, yes, naming rights is part of how things work nowadays in pro sport.

Nah, I just noticed that it's still around, just that this article was posted in two places.

I think they will get at least $2M a year, the name will be not only be for the stadium but all of Lansdowne Park. If BMO field can get $2.3m, I'm sure Lansdowne will exceed that.

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I've always wanted Roots to get involved with the league in some capacity, so maybe this could be it, but a suppose a retail and sponsorship deal with the league is a better fit, so barring that A & W Field at "Insert Lansdowne corporate name here".

I know this will not be popular but I still think the CFL should sell the naming rights to the Grey Cup. Would the “Google Grey Cup” or the “Grey Cup brought to you by Pepsi” be so offensive? Some one speculated that it could generate $10M/yr in revenue - $1M per team and $1M for the league. Every little bit helps and I am all for it.

this is what i've said for many years.
as long as it's worded in such a way, that, the sponsor name is after the Grey Cup, i think it works fine.
'101st Grey Cup presented by Pepsi' doesn't bother me and gives a load of much needed cash to the league.

Sadly, that will probably generate less money than the “Pepsi Grey Cup”.

I am okay either way. If it ensures all teams are viable/profitable, let’s do it this year.

it's still more money than they get now, and without alienating long time fans.

Forgive me for asking but... Why do you feel the "Pepsi Grey Cup" is offensive?

I disagree with the Grey Cup thing, leave it alone. You can have things within the Grey Cup with sponsorship names, but I don't get a good vibe with a sponsor having the entire thing. I'm okay with the "Pepsi halftime show", but sponsoring an event as old as the Grey Cup cheapens it in my opinion.

Fair enough and, if so many others had not already done it, I might agree. But hasn't the Rose Bowl and the other big Bowls in the U.S. already given into temptation? Isn't the NFL exploring the option of selling its names? - the "FEDEX AFC Championship Game", "Superbowl L brought to you by Intel", etc...

Besides, if the choice is between the Ticats/Argo's breaking even/losing money/going under and a little sentimentality, I will hold my nose and side with the greater good. I would rather sleep (better) at night knowing all 9 teams are financially viable than worry about a little tradition.