Ottawa stadium name for sale for $1M+

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The name of the football stadium that’s rising up at Lansdowne Park has a price.

Yep, it will no longer be Frank Clair Stadium.

There will be a brand name attached, likely at a pricetag of more than $1 million per season.

“It was well known when we were doing our business plan with the city that we were looking for a naming rights partner,” said OSEG sports president Jeff Hunt. “We’re out in the market now. It’s a big deal for us.”

It’s believed Winnipeg got in the neighbourhood of $800,000 per year for 12 years for naming rights to its stadium (Investors Group Field), while it’s rumoured that Hamilton got about $1 million per year for 10 years for its new stadium (Tim Hortons Field). Ottawa, with both CFL and NASL games being played at the stadium, could get more.

“We’re aware of the Hamilton and Winnipeg deals,” said Hunt. “It’s an attractive opportunity, with everything that will be going on at Lansdowne.”

Hunt said while the stadium wouldn’t carry the Frank Clair name, it’s important that Clair’s legacy be honoured.

“We definitely want to work with Frank Clair’s family to come up with an appropriate form of recognition,” he said.

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I just know some clown is going to say that that's drastically down from the $50M that was estimated (over 30 years) late last year, but that amount included the retail portion. $1m a year is about at the same place as before, if not more.

Been down this road before, you see. :wink:

Yes you are right the naming rights will cover all of Lansdowne Park and the stadium. Wouldn't be surprised if it's at least $2M a year.

Wouldn't surprise me at all either, even if it's split (say the stadium adopts one name and the reail portion another, but combined they surpass $2M a year).

BMO Field pays TFC/City of Toronto $2.3 Million a year! I assume that they get that much because there are a lot more soccer games than football. Ottawa will have the Soccer and the CFL plus all of Lansdowne Park, so I expect higher than that.
They will be starting off with a large Naming Right contract, a big TV contract and a large amount of season ticket holders including sales of the Club sets and Private suites. That's far ahead of anything the Gades had.

Wouldn't it be amazing if the team made money in year one?

And the basketball team plans on moving there too.

Don't forget the 67's!

Conceivably they could have three sets of naming rights: the stadium, the arena, and the retail area.

I.e. Minto Stadium, BMO Civic Centre, Home Depot Pavilion.

Who ever gets the naming rights, if for all three, will get a lot of bang for their buck. Lots of events and TV coverage as well. The NASL is growing and Sportsnet 360 will carry both EDM and Ottawa games. The NBL of canada basketball team will be playing at the civic center and would not be surprised to see the Capitol Classic move their as well to stick with the Panda game theme between Carleton and Ottawa.
Unlike when the gades were their Landsdowne Park will be the place to be when it comes to Ottawa sports scene

There will be a stage in the big park plus the outdoor rink both could appeal to companys for rights as well.

The only negative I can see would be the millions they have to pay for the Expansion Fee. I'm not sure if they have already paid it or if it comes out in the first season. I don't think it was fair the first time around with the Gades, I don't think it's fair this time.

I wonder when EDM and Calgary are going to get into the Stadium naming rights business. With the Flames LLP involved with Calgary now could help to pull a double with the NHL venue. Certainly they need some drastic renos. Building a new stadium may also be a possibility but all of that money that was put into the Dinos and Stamps Football facilities, which among the best first rate quality. Tim Hortons has all kinds of naming sponsors, the coors light patio, etc. I could see behind one or both endzones a complete open food court type concession with plenty of space and washrooms to eliviate all of the congestion in the tiny concources.
Commonwealth sells plenty of sponsor Banners to cover the huge stadiums empty seats in the end zones. Why no corporate naming rights ? Need to catch up with the times, missing out on a solid stream of revenue

I see that Lowes is a major CFL sponsor and Canadian Tire has the Sens arena so maybe Lowes Park?

The bidding for the rights should start at $2M per year.

Hi Mike:

What's wrong with an expansion fee of $1M?

Nothing, but I thought the CFL was imposing around $4 or 5 Million to make sure that potential owners were serious.

The expansion fee was $7M.

Ouch! that does hurt. They can't expect a team to make a profit or break even in the first year.

No, and especially not with the costs of buying every single piece of equipment and so on.


It would be interesting to see if they can turn an operational profit. In other words (because I'm not sure I'm using the term correctly), when just the standard day-to-day expenses of running of a team are taken into account. Taht might be achievable, in which case you'd think they cold make a profit in year two.

What we need to remember that the CFL franchise is only part of the whole being the OSEG. So although the expansion RedBlacks may not make a profit in year one the bigger picture will be for the OSEG to be profitable which includes OHL 67's, MASL Fury. CFL RedBlacks, as well as the stadium and Arena profits as well as other stream of revenue from the OSEG.
It is not as simple as the Gades were one team one owner $$$ to operate one franchise $$$ of revenue brought in for the franchise.
All signs point to nothing but success from the OSEG and not just the RedBlacks but the OSEG will be a very positive addition to the CFL family.