Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group !

The new site is up and running for the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group :thup:

Work is blocking it as a malicious site. :lol:

Maybe it’s that Martin fellow and his followers who are up to some hanky panky? :wink:

The Redblacks have 5,000 season tickets sold :thup:

[url=] ... tball-team[/url]

Awesome news, here is the info for season tickets if your interested :thup:

Reserve your spot in line to see Ottawa's new CFL team.

Ottawa's new CFL team is giving former Renegades/Rough Riders season ticket holders and new fans a chance to show their support. Former season ticket holders can reserve their old seats, and new fans can secure a Priority Registration Number (PRN) for seats for $25 per seat. Got questions? Visit or call 613-599-3267 to reserve by phone.

Click below to register;

[url=] ... e=CFL&cgc=[/url]

wow...that is sensational news...5K+ sold a year in advance!

Still not crazy on the name, but I am sure they will oft be referred to as the Reds or RBs, which is aok

That is awesome news, from us following from the outside there is no doubt this team will be very successful on the field and in the stands.
Also, I do like the name RedBlacks as it is outside the box.

It is really amazing and great that the RedBlacks have not even began to officially spend any money on Marketing and still have 5K season tickets reserved. Just so how much excitement there is about not only bringing back the CFL to Ottawa but the CFL and football in Canada's popularity in general.

So Redblacks is confirmed? :frowning:


Not official, but it sounds like they will be announcing it soon. At worst, I would think the team name will be unveiled at the draft. I think it would be really cool to announce it with their 1st pick. I don't think the draft will be on TSN until next season, which is too bad, because it would be a neat marketing ploy to draw in extra viewers.

It looks like they want to wait for the official announcement until after the Senators season is finished, if the Sens go all the way to the Stanley Cup then it could be the end of June and into the start of the CFL season. As Hunt says in the article, "we haven't spent 10 cents on marketing yet" I think the whole "name the team" campaign was great marketing and the "Redblacks" controversy had people talking football over the winter.

Awesome for sure to have sold that many at this point. :thup:

RedBlacks is growing on me must admit.

I still think, given the history, that Revolvers would be the name to go with.

In fact Otttawa does have a very good history it was only the last years of the team that there was issues.

Personally I don't think naming a team after a firearm would be a good idea.

Tim Baines swears that he "knows" it will be the name so he uses it as though it's official. Whether he actually "knows" or he's just convinced is not real clear.

I think he loves the name and wants people to get used to hearing it so that when it's announced, folks are already somewhat used to it. His intentions are probably good, even if they aren't totally selfless (nice to get on OSEG's good side early) but it seems unprofessional to me.

Still not converted/sold on the Ottawa's/Nation Capital's new name being the Redblacks. Try/attempt as much as I want/desire to wrap/envelop my head/pate around it, it just doesn't work/function for me.

This is true the Rough Riders folded after the 1996 season when almost the whole league went under, The Renagades were run poorly and the CFL was only beginning to work its way to where it is today.
The Rough Riders were around for 120 years before folding and it was an entire league issue that helped lead to this.
Now that the CFL is back and as good as it ever was and being run like a modern pro sports league there should be no reason to think that Ottawa will not be around for good this time.

Oh good, it's not just me. I hated it from day one and still do. If it does turn out to be the name, I hope the logo is cool, at least.