Ottawa sporting black hole

Well, sure enough, the lack of fan support in Ottawa again, has yet another sports franchise on the ropes with full potential of leaving Ottawa. Certainly its only their triple-A baseball team (the lynx) .. its the lack of fan support that is driving the team away.

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PLEASE CFL, Do not make the same mistake a third time and go back to Ottawa .. the fans dont care, or support their sport franchises enough .. This city has a serious history with not supporting their teams ...

Now that Chara and Havlat are gone, I'd imagine the Sens will lose a few more games this season, and we'll see their attendance start to drop as well.


ottawa is a waste of time, if the cfl wants to look like a legit league, they better stay at 8 teams, and focus on making those 8 franchises into a tight fraternity and strong. The cfl better focus on other things such asmaking new stadiums, drug testing, and pleasing the fans, rather than waste time in the capital city, whats the point of 9 teams again?

Ouch, didn't the Lynx have a fairly new facility there also? Part of the 1990's Blue Jays and baseball is the way sort of thing but now that the shine has rubbed off and exposed baseball for what it is, a good game, yes, but pales in comparison to CFL football for entertainment and playing for the Grey Cup championship.

Baseball is on the way out here in most of Canada although I do think the Jays will survive for many years with a company and big as Rogers behind them. London had a double A team for a few years, they added a lot of extra seats to Labatt Park there and spruced it up, but no fan support to keep the team.

....I'm not convinced that a sinking baseball team in Ottawa is an indication that football won't work there again or that the Sens will suffer after losing a couple good players....Calgary has gone through a few AAA and AA baseball teams in the last ten years or so and this has had pretty much zero affect on the Stamps or is just not as fervently followed in Canada as it is in the States....

If baseball or basketball had a pro league like the CFL that was in at least 6 or more cities and had been around for a long time with a historical championship like the GC then yes, these sports as well as others like soccer and lacrosse also would be very well followed. But only hockey and football have this in Canada, albeit in different ways with the SC being able to be won by American teams.

The other sports have to create something similar to the GC and SC to be able to compete for a national cultural feeling to it although Paul Godfrey would like to think the Blue Jays have this even more so than the CFL and GC.

God riddence to the Lynx is they fold after 2007, then Ottawa fans can get back to watching real professional sports like the CFL and NHL.

the only way ottawa deserves to get a cfl team is if they build a new stadium practice facility, and can guarantee at least 20,000 fans to each home game, stable ownership, hiring proper GMs, and creating a fan friendly enviornment.

Ottawa does not have enough fan support to justify trying another team in the Capital.The Renegades never had a full house at their games.Indeed it appeared their stadium was mostly half full.Ltes not have another debacle in Ottawa. THE chl dos not need another failed team.

I thought, thanks to that owner, the Ottawa 67's were doing pretty well. :lol:

but if they folded, no loss to Ottawa since they still have the Sens for now.

i dunno why there so keen on ottawa, i think they want people to realize, THEY DONT CARE!!!

move onwards to quebec city, and halifax, 2 cities who have sick fan support and football is the #1 sport in both those cities!

Losing the 67's WOULD be a loss to Ottawa ... I would be heartbroken if the Hitmen left, even though I'd still have the Flames. They're different, even though they play the same sport.

Losing a baseball team does not make Ottawa a sporting black hole ... every Canadian city (except maybe Toronto) has lost a baseball team (not that that's a good thing). Baseball just doesn't cut it in Canada ... football will be fine in Ottawa when it returns. It depends almost completely on the ownership situation, and if the CFL is as careful as I think they're being with choosing a new owner for the Renegades, then I think they'll be fine.

Ottawa is not losing the 67s. They lead all junior teams in attendance. They are the most successful hockey franchise outside of the NHL. As for all of you dumping on Ottawa I suggest you keep your ignorent comments to yourselves. Don't speak on subjects you know squat about. This is why I hate Canadians. Canada sucks ass. You are a bunch of ignorante no good for nothings. You have to trash others in order to make yourselves look superior. Bunch of bozos.

Why is it you need to bring up this stuff! Calgary and Edmonoton also lost their baseball teams so I guess every city in Canada is a black hole. Dubya needs a boy like you to serve him! I suggest you take that opportunity! :lol: :lol:

Those two guys are perfect examples of what you discribed! You are right what does a triple A baseball team have to do with support the CFL. Ottawa had great fan support up until the league got stupid owners in place. Good ownership will bring people to the games no doubt about it! Where the heck did they get the 67's were in trouble that is just to funny. They had the owner on last night and is excited to be in the running. It would be great they get a legit local owner in place. Now for those who go on this site to trash the CFL and their fans well pull your lower lip over your head and swallow! Yes you have a right to your opinion but you already know by now you get no one that will agree with it. Now boys it is time for you to go back and play with your Madden football once again! :lol: :lol:

I can’t say anything about the connection between baseball and football (don’t see one). But…living in a country that could take or leave a major sport(baseball) in it’s capital, I don’t see why people are so stuck on the idea of a CFL team in Canada’s capital?

Especially since it’s failed twice before. The future is now! Let’s move on to cities that really want a team. (Sorry Rens fans, this wasn’t aimed at you, but in all honesty you are in the minority)

Okay what stadium do you think they could play in! And tell me the Ottawa area up unitl clowns started to own this team was a great football market! How does anyone know how football will be received in Halifax and Quebec city! It could be a one year wonder.
The best thing to do is establish a team in an already established market but this time have good local ownership. Example: Calgary
The California box king was a good owner but meddled with the team blocked good QB's from coming to the team so that his son could play football. Yes fans supported the team through this ordeal but for how long. The new ownership group wanted to get this franchise before it turned into an Ottawa.

That is the problem no one stepped up before this great football market was sorley damaged. Now the answer is solid ownership and marketing. No freebee's you want football show up if not move the team!
Thats my opinion! The fans in Ottawa suffered long enough they want it back but they want to know they will have a team that has no circus performers running it!