Ottawa should not be called the "Rough Riders"

Ok befor you all jump on me let me state why.

I know Ottawa had the name befor Regina, but having two teams in the league with the same name makes us a laughing stock.

On the Simpsons Homer was watching CFL football and who was playing... The Ottawa Rough Riders vs the Saskatchewan Roughriders,lol

I actually like the Renegade name.

Tuff. If Palmer gets the team,they will be called Rough Riders. So I guess those fans (i.e. Sask. ) are going to have tho accept that. I think Saskatchewan should adopt the name Regina Renegades. I think is sounds great. :cowboy:

Quite frankly, I don’t care which team is called what. My allegiances lie with the team in Regina, Roughriders or otherwise…I never bought into all this “name” hype, personally…

alright then Rough Riders it is, but one thing Ottawa should do is clarify what a Rough Rider is.
An Ottawa Rough Rider is a Log Rider, not a horsemen.

Didn't one of the teams - I think it was Ottawa - adopt the name from some American regiment in the Spanish-American war?

The reason I think it was Ottawa was because that regiment's colours were red and black.

Anyway, I stand by keeping the 'Renegades' name (it's a new team, after all), but using the Renegades 'R' on the helmet, a la Rough Riders.

That would be very acceptable and also I would like to see the CFL merge the record book. I still prefer Rough Riders, but I would just be happy to have a team here, period. :thup:

Well as long as we dont see the Milwaukee Beerbarons playing the Ottawa Beer Barons anytime soon I am happy
Note that they are two different names,lol