Ottawa Sask game on tv????????

I was looking on the us broadcasts section of this website and this is what I saw for tommorrow's non televised game

Friday, July 29 9 p.m. Ottawa at Saskatchewan Altitude; CSET; CSN Chicago; Comcast Detroit; Cox Sports New England

does this mean it is televised somewhere?

and if so, if americans are willing to watch our game, why the heck don't canadian tv stations want to?

This is why I want to get satelite tv. And TSN chose another game over this one because they're played around the same time. This bring everthing back to damn Sportsnet for not taking the remaining games. For gods sake they just add in filler shows and Jays baseball. Their sportsnet news runs from around 4 ET to 2 or 3 ET repeating everything over and over and over and .... ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ

Yeah i know, i was watching sportsnet the other day cause TSN had something like tennis on ( I'm a fan of Sportscenter) and they showed the Jays game at least 5 times in a 1 hour Sports news show. Oh well, at least I'm going to the game tonight :smiley: .

That is really bizarre if this game is covered in the States but we can't get it in Canada! Can someone please explain because I sure can't.

I just checked Directv and it seems it is on 2 stations :evil:

What is going on???

Am I in the Twilight Zone?????? Did I read that right? I will be able to see tonights game and Not Canadians?? That is truly WRONG!!

But...If i'm correct.....all I'm watching down here is a live feed FROM a Canadian Network. There are no networks in the states that originate a CFL game. They just carry your feed.

So since the feed comes from up there.....somebody is broadcasting right? :?:

Yes we are partner...Im Billy Bob Joe, sitting with Lean Mean Jean...and were comming at ya from Bugtussle Saskatchawan...after the game we will go straight to the Hog

U.S. Broadcast schedule was wrong apparently, I am sitting in front of my TV and every channel that was supposed to carry the game has something else.

Looks like Nealon is struggling again. 2nd Quarter and he's failed to put it in the end zone. Riders need a new QB.

u watchin it EE?

Just the live play by play

yea i got it on internet radio.....Found out why I can't see it...the networks apparently decided to make a change and show the Cal.B.C. game at 10 pm eastern time.

Where TF is the double header?? CBC does not deserve to be in the CFL game...they shouldn't be able to walk in the back door...and yes, Sportsnet definitely dropped the ball and their on-air personalities are the shits.

Somehow, the game isn't on tonight, but will be on a random times tommorow, so I'm going to try and caught it then.

its on tommorow? well, i'll have to catch that also

Don't qoute me on that, I know that some american channels do it, but I might be wrong abou this game.

anyone know why Crandell is in?

Cuz Greene is completely unable to complete a pass longer than about 10 yards. Gotta try something different.