Ottawa Sam lb #24 Cioffi

This is the guy who made an intentional headshot on Tasker last year that could have ended Tasker’s career. After the hit he trash talked Tasker after the play and later in the game.
He also had a few more late hits with alot of trash talking in the eastern final last years vs the cats.
It appeared that today #94 Mauldin and Beverette were getting in verbal and physical skirmishes with Cioffi on special teams.
Did anyone else noticed alot of trash talking on special teams with Cioffi and #20 with the two Ticats I mentioned.

I feel Cioffi is a dirty and dangerous player that showed no concern for Tasker’s well being after almost knocking him unconcious last year .

If Taskers foot wasn’t twisted there’s really nothing that can be done.