Ottawa`s Return To CFL

At this rate will we ever get to see CFL teams in the Maritimes or Quebec City?

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On the positive side:
The timing might be better for our QB transition
And decisions about protecting quarterbacks


With the uncertainty of when the team will actually play, who would sign on at this point as a GM?!

Q.C. would be a better location given this most recent news. They could easily fill the stadium where the Rouge et Or play with approximately 12k to start and maybe stretch it a few thousand more with temporary seats.
And more than likely could get that stadium up to 20-22k with an expansion sooner than Ottawa will come around.

The Ottawa situation has become somewhat of a shame and if not for that, it would be a joke. They're going to join next year, no, the year after that, or maybe.....

To me (and I apologize in advance for repeating myslef!), this is further proof that football in Canada is a very poor third cousin to hockey. I would love nothing better than to see a 12-team league, but I don't think that that will ever realistically materialize, at least in my lifetime.

While I think that the CFL is an excellent and entertaining product, I believe that the crux of the matter is that it is simply not that popular, at least when compared to hockey. So, finding corporate sponsors, owners with DEEP pockets, municipal officials who will accept building/expanding stadia, more media coverage...all of these are far more difficult in Canada. Well, one can hope for better things in the future - n'est-ce pas?

A popular entertainment package on TV does nor relate to expansion that you and many of us had hoped for for the last numerous years.
How sad.

Il y a tout de même une différence avec les dernières tentatives qui peut donner de l'espoir. Contrairement aux deux essais précédents, la popularité de la ligue est en croissance, tant dans les stades que dans les média. La diffusion s'améliore et le produit commence à être diffusé aux États-Unis.

Avec le lock-out de la NFL, il y a fort à parier que plus de gens chez nos voisins du sud regarderont notre football et l'apprécieront. Tant qu'il y a une progression, il y a lieu d'espérer.

N'oublions pas que la LCF produit l'événement sportif le plus regardé au Canada, que le football canadien est le sport le plus regardé à TSN (ce qui n'est pas rien) et que la pratique du football est encore en croissance au pays.

Il se peut que le projet d'Ottawa batte de l'aile un peu, mais c'est quelque chose qui n'est pas unique. La Ville de Québec est autant embourbée avec sa patinoire. J'ai plus espoir de voir une équipe de la LCF à Ottawa que de voir une équipe de la LNH à Québec. Lorsque la saga de la patinoire sera morte et enterrée à Québec, peut-être pourra-t-on regarder si la LCF inétresserait le gros village? Si les Alouettes sont d'accord, bien sûr!

Well, Lestaf, I agree that out West, particularly in Regina, the CFL is indeed a success story - a whole province is behind the team, much like we see in college football or the NFL in the US. Calgary also draws quite well; close to sell-outs at most games. I've always thought that the West was more into football than the East, although Hamilton and Ottawa used to have good franchises.

But in recent history, there was, in addition to the Ottawa situation, the issue in Hamilton of a new stadium. We're gonna build it here - we're gonna build it there, if you build it here, we (the Ticats) will pull out of Hamilton.... The Ticats have had, over the years, a great organization with a good following. The most recent debacle over the stadium, I think, has been settled - or has it?

There has also been talk of possible expansion to the Maritimes and even to Quebec City, but I don't know where that situation is at present; just talk or is there a management group in place ready to put together a serious bid?

Nonetheless, (and once again I apologize for repeating myself), I see Toronto with a 50,000+ venue, Edmonton with a 60,000+ venue, BC with a 60,000+ venue and they struggle to draw 25,000-30,000 fans which, in stadia that size, means only half the seats (or less) are filled. Football is a short season compared to other sports (hockey, baseball...), so why can't we fill these stadia for most of the 8 home games? Montreal is a success story, but with a small stadium (25,000). I keep hoping that the league, some marketing whiz, or someone or something helps increase the popularity of football in general, and of the CFL in particular.

The fact that the NFL has announced they will broadcast 38 games this season may be the result of the NFL lockout. If it is settled before the start of TC, they may not broadcast that many games. The fact, however, that they do broadcast CFL games is indeed exposure - that is a positive sign. There is also no doubt that interest in football has greatly increased in Quebec. Let's hope for the same in Ontario and right across the country.

Rumblings this morning that the NFL and Players union have made some progress on their dispute. Does this mean they will definitely be back in time for TC, no. But something tells me the NFL will get a deal done in time, to much revenue at stake for it to drag on.

Oui effectivement! J'affirme depuis quelques temps que la LCF en 5 ans sera tres, tres differente de celle auparavant. :thup: