Ottawa Roughriders?

I hope to God not. There is only 1 Roughrider team and they are from Saskatchewan! I heard on TSN they will be called the Ottawa Roughriders!!!! wtf? get your own name!


Saskatchewan Roughriders: 2007 grey cup champions!

Who cares...I just wanna see some football...

Why can't the Saskatchewan Roughriders copy right the name like McDonalds?

The was a resteraunt that was called McDougals that had great Hamburgers and fries, in a little hick town in the interior. The big McDonalds Giant made them change their name.

I think the "Anti CFL" media will have a field day with two Roughriders.

Come on Saskatchewan! Protect your name! Copy right it! Bronze it! Do something to keep the CFL from being laughed at (again!).

Just to pick a bit, I believe you mean 'Rough Riders', as it used to be. The others are right, no one will ever be the Roughriders because IT IS copyrighted already. Has been for years where have you been???

Also, Horn Chen retained the name Rough Riders upon the club folding so I believe the name would have to have been acquired from him first.



I was born in 1993 sorry!

I believe if my history is correct, the Saskatchewan Roughriders came into existence after the Ottawa Rough Riders. So one could make the argument that Saskatchewan copied Ottawa.

Two things:

  1. Names are trademarked, not copyrighted.

  2. I don't know if any CFL names are TM'd, and if they are, I suspect those marks are now owned by the CFL, not the individual teams. Team owners are granted franchises, which include licenses to use the names, logos, etc. of the team. But after the Horn Chen thing, where his purchase of the Rough Riders somehow included the name, hopefully someone wised up.

This is true. If I'm correct I believe we were the Regina Rugby Union at first and then I think it was the Regina Pats for a while before it became the Regina Roughriders and ultimately the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Don't quote me though, Im too lazy this morning to research.

But my million dollar question is what relevance or connection does the name Rough Riders (Theodore Roosevelt's regiment) have for Ottawa, Ontario????????? Or Regina for that matter?

I have always preferred historical names like the Atlanta Flames( citing great fires in the U.S. civil war that burnt down most of Atlanta), or the Balitimore Ravens( Colts was taken by Indy, so they picked the most famous citizen, Edgar Allen Poe, and his most famous work, The Raven, and rolled with it) which is a brilliant example of how fans can feel more connected to the team. The Ravens gear is second to Patriots gear in sales.


Pound your chest all you want.

The fact is that Two teams named the Roughriders or the Rough Riders or even the Rizuff Rydazzzz is horribly bush. ( And I never use the B word )

n 1924, the team changed its name from the Regina Rugby Club to the Regina Roughriders. Ottawa's Rugby Club had been called the Rough Riders since the 1890's, but dropped it in favor of the "Senators" in 1924. Regina jumped at the chance to adopt the name "Roughriders". There are two theories on where the name "Roughriders" came from. One states that it came from the North West Mounted Police who were called Roughriders because they broke the wild horse broncos used by the force. The other states there was a Canadian contingent who fought with Teddy Roosevelt in the Spanish-American War. Roosevelt’s troops became known as the Roughriders. Following the war, the troops returned to Canada, part settling in Ottawa, and the rest moving out West. The colours of the Roosevelt infantry were red and black.
[url=] ... am_history[/url]

Thanks Arius ... nice find.


I can't decide on this one. Whatever they choose as the new name for Ottawa I support so long as it will improve the chances of success for the franchise and the CFL.

Say they choose RoughRiders. Yeah the Anti-CFL Toronto media will jump all over it. I don't think taking the RoughRider name will discourage any CFL fans. I think it will encouage Ottawa CFL fans. Giving the volatility of the CFL in Ottawa, if calling them the RoughRiders will help with marketing through tradition and what not, so be it.

I'm not an insecure CFL fan. The anti-CFL journalists and exclusive NFL fans aren't gonna change their minds regardless of which name is chosen.

So if they choose Ottawa RoughRiders, I hope Rider Nation doesn't make a big stink about it. That just fuels the so called anti-CFL movement.

You made me realize that it doesn't matter one way or the other and I'm sure if its meant to happen it will.


sask. RR shoulda bought the RR name from horn chen....then this would never come up again.

Both the league and the subsequent Ottawa franchise tried....he was asking some crazy amount. I think he finally died and the league bought the name back from his estate.

Good idea Drummer! :thup: :thup:

I still think the GREEN Rider Nation should unite and make sure Ottawa picks a different name. :wink:

Having two teams with the same name in such a small leaque was one of the quirks of the CFL. People who don't like the CLF use it as a insult to the leaque. But who cares about them anyways. They are not fans. I say bring back the Rough Riders

Damn straight.

If Saskatchewan fans don't like having two teams called Rough Riders / Roughriders, they can always change their team name. I would completely respect that decision.

Who says Saskatchewan should be the ones who should change? You are not even back in the league yet, and you are making all sorts of demands-- the thing is that YOU are the ones who should meet the league's and member teams demands- not the other away around!

Hmmm... Let me consider for a moment...


Nope. I still think Saskatchewan should go back to its original name, the Regina Rugby Club. And also, I think the CFL should fine the Saskatchewan franchise for having stolen the name in the first place, thereby creating all the subsequent controversy, and making the CFL a laughing-stock. All of this could have been avoided if only your team was more original and imaginative.