Ottawa Rough Riders, last victim of US expansion?

Hey, do you guys think that Ottawa was the last victim of US expansion?

If by that you mean, did US expansion lead to Ottawa folding in 96, the answer is No. In fact thru the dispersal draft and later thru season, they must have picked up half the roster of the defunct Texans.

I read this site that listed them among the defunct US teams, and I though that was interesting, and wanted your opinions on it.

Ottawa also has a presence in the CFL this year by way of the Steelback logo on Toronto's field.

Yeah, I think I know the site. It was a list of all defunct teams. I don't know if it's same one, but I remember another one that listed original Alouettes/Concordes too.

I'm gonna get fried for this, but IMO, in addition to other reasons, including poor ownership, I think that the Alouettes/Concordes were a victim of Quebec's poor economy due to the growing secession crisis of the 90's (which also, again IMO, set back getting a CFL team in the Atlantics), not because of US expansion project.

Purely my opinion though.

You're not off base about the whole separation biz but that started in late 70s with the English-only legislation. That's when Als' attendance started noticeable decline and this was a year or two after winning GC and then even appearing in more.

But Nelson Skalbania's ownership in 81 didn't help. That and the newborn Concordes never caught on.

But there were elements to Als' demise that were League-wide in nature as well.

Mtl wasn't in great economic shape when Stallions moved there in 96 either.

Probably cuz some business moved out cuz of it (Nordiques is a good example, cuz the government of Quebec didn't help them), but not as bad as it might have been if Quebec declared independence, cuz (good or bad) Quebec would have had to start from square one as far as economics go.

Also, Canada was in economic decline in the 90's, didn't help anybody.

Really wish that Meaca(sp?) Lake and/or Charlestown accords were successful.

Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords

that's it, thank you jm02!