Ottawa "Rough Rider" trademark....thoughts?

A thread was started over at "" concerning the Ottawa Rough Rider trademark and how to get it back in the CFL's hands.....

Breeze through it if you will.
Do you think the CFL's legal dept. should take another kick at the can to get it back?

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I say they have to!.....This league can not afford to be embarrased again like this and now is the time to get stuff like this straightened out.....

We'd win this case easily my opinion. 8)

No...We do not need two teams with the same name.

Besides Maybe Quebec City or Halifax want to call them something else other than Renegades or Roughriders?

take the ORR history and merged it with the gades, leave the name in the dist.

The Rough Rider name is dead. I sure don't want to remember those final 20 years of misery. They started fresh with a new name and that's how it should stay.

RR isnt a good name either anyways renegades is a way cooler name

Agree with you BB, the days of having two teams with the same nickname is rediculous.

The league erred in not keeping the rights to the name, but that changes nothing to the fact there should never be two teams with the same name anymore.

And please, don't come telling me they aren't the same thing because of what they were originally named after...

I agree. Renegades is a better name anyway.

new name (gades), but the historys of the two ottawa clubs should be one. no doubt.

Maybe they should be called trhe Ottawa Passer-by

As a Gades fan, I like the Renegades moniker, but I’m not so kean on the logo. Using a re-stylized ‘R’ would be fit quite well in honour of both the old and new names.

I like the idea of using the "R" in the logo...and in fact I thought that was why people wanted "Renegades". So they could go to some modernized form of the old logo.

I don't think that Horn Chen should in any way receive one more dime from his holding hostage of the Rough Rider name. Let it go.