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Any idea (besides) e-bay where I can purchase and old Rough Rider helmet or jacket???

I would love to get a spring jacket with the Rough Rider logo not to mention a helmet.

Anyway, I can never find what I am looking for - on ebay or anywhere else. :frowning:

shocking…seeing as how many years ago that team tanked?

I realize the Rough Riders have been out of commision for years but I am sure there is merchandise available.

That is what collecters do... they Collect. I just need to find the right person.

On e-bay they have a beautiful jacket but it doesn't have the White 'R'.

I could always have one made but... I see, finding one, as a challenge.

Be happy/well Jakob, life's too short to be otherwise. :smiley:

[url=] ... K:MEWNX:IT[/url]

I just won this on e-bay now I just need to find a helmet.

When you say "besides e-bay", do you mean that you've tried e-bay and don't like it, or that you don't think it's any good?

Someone had a jacket on there about two weeks ago that included the R helmet logo. I passed on it and now I kind of regret it.

I've built up a decent media guide collection off e-bay too. :thup:


Do you know how much the jacket went for???

Perhaps, if the CFL buys the rights to the 'Rough Riders' OR the Patent Expires like someone (I think you) mentioned, Rough Rider merchandise will become available again.

I would have loved to have bid on that jacket.



I bought a RR ball cap on E-Bay a while back.

Unfortunately, nothing else there I would like.

I would LOVE a jacket tho - much more then a helmet. I may take a little RR helmet I have to a jacket maker and ask them to make me a jacket. Might get very pricey tho.


The jacket is back up for auction. It's going for about $20 +$15 or so for shipping.

Re : "The jacket is back up for auction. It's going for about $20 +$15 or so for shipping."


I don't see it.

Can you provide a link?

[url=] ... 661wt_1165[/url]

I think this might be it. I sent the seller a message asking if there is anything on the back of this jacket.

That IS it, and the reason it was hard to find is because the seller spelled "Rough Riders" wrong. :wink:

Do you have a picture of your little RR helmet? I’m a big fan of those mini-helmets …