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I'm really hoping for good news from Ottawa on Wednesday about the rebirth of the Ottawa Rough Riders.

Check out this site with an opener of the 1970 Rough Rider powerhouse teams.

Rick Cassata is featured he led Ottawa to the 1973 Grey Cup.

Here's to Ottawa and the CFL!!! Can't Wait!!

What will their new name be I wonder.

What's happening on Wednesday?

FYI - According to CRF Admin back in August, the Sept. 2 date got pushed back Top

Re: Ottawa update?
by CRFadmin on 18 Aug, 2009 - 11:57

Conveniently0timed blog entry off the Ottawa Citizen: ... etion.aspx

Negotiations on a redesigned Lansdowne Park are moving ahead rapidly. So quickly in fact that College Councillor Rick Chiarelli expects there will be a motion ready for the Sept. 9 council meeting.

That motion is likely to begin the process of public consultations on a completed plan, Chiarelli said today. Consultant Graham Bird in conjunction with city staff and the principals behind Lansdowne Live! are about to come to an agreement on a new plan; one which Chiarelli says is a more equitable partnership between the private developers and the city government.

Bird was hired because of his technical expertise and political savvy, both of which are necessary to push the plan through council, Chiarelli said.

Chiarelli declined to release the new details or cost of the plan or the pecuniary relationship between Lansdowne Live! and the city.

Chiarelli and Mayor Larry O'Brien are actively lobbying councillors at present to garner support for the new Lansdowne project. He said there is the possibility that rogue motions could be introduced at council in September to quickly approve or kill the project.