Needing a Rider victory to go 2-2 in Big Dave's pool. Go Riders Go

Man, oh man, if Ottawa wins today the East will have swept the West 4 for 4!

Tyron Brackenridge Just go plowed over by Krausnick!

Not much to celebrate this year, but that play was a beauty, lol

Great catch by Dressler!

Ottawa should play Krausnick at RB!! nice find by the RB,s

:thup: to their coaches, imaginative Canadian ball, onside kick td earlier this season :thup: :rockin:

Why isn't Ottawa running the ball? They've had success with it...

TD Ottawa! 15-3 lead over the Wheaties....

I'ts all coming together... :smiley:

I see that the men in the (green) striped shirts have struck again. How on earth is that not contacting the kicker??!! Ridiculous!

That seemed to me like the very definition of contacting the kicker. Maher didn't stick his leg out or anything, he just held his stance and was run into during his follow through. I hate this league.

I'll say; brutal non-call; the punter's leg was still in the air; the call should have been automatic.

And that's why Miles will never be in the NFL.
Brutal drop.

No doubt about it.

Wow. What a play. Now that is the CFL I love. :smiley:

Looks like Marcus Henry will be close to 10 catches again today.

Gosh, i thought he was going down for the sack there..

Turkeybend Rankings tomorrow morning---

Riders at #9.


COME ON RIDERS! If you lose to these bums and their gadget plays just pack up and go home because the season is OVER!


Fucking receiving corps cant get open against the weakest secondry in the league. Blitzes that don’t get a finger on the QB.

Jesus f’n christ. Make a fucking play.

And burn those embarrassing pukeass uniforms.

Piss me off … Bums.

Wow Ottawa looks great.
That throwback play I last saw years ago to kill Buffalo in a playoff NFL game against Tennessee.

Blocking from the rear (clip) also missed on the same play....brutal

Sunseri is the worst Qb I have ever seen in the CFL. In a game and 1/2 he has approx 100 yards passing. With only 26 yards
This half they need to move on and give price a shot.