Ottawa return could be delayed

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Big deal. A legal challenge to the redevelopment of Lansdowne Park by the Friends of Lansdowne Park,
which was originally scheduled for the week of April 4, 2011, has been re-scheduled for late June, 2011.

It doesn't make sense to me that a 3 month delay would be "a game-changer."

The 2013 season is 28 months away. It sounds like Jeff Hunt is getting impatient though.

If the team can't get started until 2013 that will be bad news for Ottawa football fans.

Yes, I agree Ron. What I'm wondering is why they would even entertain any more legal challenges.

Any group that has a few million to waste can put in a legal challenge. The city and the developer knows the FOL group doesn't have a chance of winning but they can delay things and it will cost the developers and the city millions.

[Rant]What really annoys me about this group is that many of the people have lived in the neighbourhood for years - from before the Renegades or even the Rough Riders folded. But now they're fighthing the city on fixing up the stadium - that has been there for years - so they don't have to deal with a situation that was there when they moved into the area. Of course they're dressing it up as "fiscal responsibility" or some such, but I'm sure behind closed doors, they would admit that they just don't want a stadium "in their backyard" again. They've already shut down the CCEA, aka the Super-Ex annual exhibition - again, that has been around for years, but now they complain about the noise, it's gone. Kind of like people who buy a house near an airport and then petition to have it shut down. No sympathy for them one bit.[/Rant]

Sorry about that. I know you guys have your own stadium issues, and the last thing you want to hear is more stadium ranting. But it's just plain annoying that a small group can hold the rest of the city up for ransom like this. I really hope they get thrown out of court quickly.

Probably the anti-Red Hill Expressway people still licking their wounds, spreading their territory of dissent and in dire need of another useless hobby..... :lol:

And of course, like clockwork with "Ryan I'm a legend in my own mind" is licking his wounds as well.

Right old boy Ryan who writes prose to his hearts content, my friend, good friend of course, you da man. :wink: :wink: 8) 8)

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Ryan, write a novel for pete sakes, you're good, damn friggin good, don't just waste it blogging my man. :thup:

All great writers are bigger than life, or so I'm told. You deserve to be included in that group. :wink: :cowboy:

Gotta file that article in the fiction category its so full of half truths and flat out lies. He's nothing but consistent in his practice of repeating his warped incorrect version often enough that eventually he hopes will believe it. Sorry Ryan we all know that the truth even if you refuse to believe it. WH sucks and now the Ribfest is reminding us why

Well said AKT. And you should have read his slam on BB, wow, I mean it was long, very long, schizo long. The man is talented but wasting it all on a blog very, very few read. A shame really. :wink:

And he eats kittens for breakfast.

8) .....YAWN....

It took me so long to figure out who or what BB is, Earl, now I am too mentally exhausted to look for that article on RTH :roll: .

Here it is Ron. I tell you, Ryan does enjoy writing I must say. And he won't give up even if it means even at this point trying to destroy what is going to help inner city Hamilton to some extent with refurbishing IWS. Sort of sad really.

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Captain, I'm not saying Ryan is evil or that. But if he wants to continually bring up what is now fait accompli and do it in a manner that I don't see as constructive towards helping the situation for something positive in Hamilton, then I have the right as well to bring it up that he is bringing it up and say what I think using some fun words like schizo or what have you. All in the fun of the game as they say. It's all blogging. Ryan is a far better writer than I'll ever be and really, he should be writing on a grander scale for some publication I think. He really enjoys writing but RTH isn't exactly what i would call a publication read by all that many people.

Earl, as people like Ryan McGreal and Capt Kirk lost this debate it's probably best to ignore them now. I'm sure there will be another civic issue they will resurface upon.

And your point is??? I think you eat kittens to be honest, Ryan seems to prefer puppies

Yes Ockham, he won't let it go, he's now going to try to destroy the Cats as much as he can regardless if the city he's trying to help might also get destroyed a bit in the process, come heck or high water that seems his mission now because his man Fred didn't win the election because of the stadium issue, so they say. That will be his mission for a while to preserve all the dignity for Fred regardless of helping the city now. A shame.

I doubt anyone is listening to him. Narcisstic twits usually don't have anything interesting to add to the discussion. He'll have his fans, people like Capt. Kirk, but those people are entrenched into their faulty positions anyway. Maybe McGreal is auditioning for a CBC job - that would be a good place for him.

Sorry to interrupt all the personal attacks, but here's more on the Ottawa stadium situation.

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If you were referring to my last post you need to realize 3 things. You lack a sense of humour, you took a shot across the bow and are the only one here guilty of personal attacks on posters here. Third party figures that either lead or try to lead are fair game and you routinely defend those you agree with while taking shots at those you don't. Time to grow up Kirk. Sick of your whining about non existent personal attacks while you attack us.

No. I was not.