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Great! Thanks for reminding me about "Dan Crowley" he was the highly touted QB that was going to lead the new Renegades into winning seasons right from the start.

That...didn't quite work out.

Yes I remember how "great" Dan Crowley was suppose to be, and how that just didn't work out. Ottawa went through a bunch of quaterbacks that just didn't work out.

Except Kerry Joseph, I loved watching this guy, exciting player to watch. We would chant to try to get him into the game and replace Crowley.

This time the QB situation for the Ottawa CFL franchise will be much different as teams will only be able to protect only one QB so Ottawa will have its pick of some of the best back ups in the CFL. There will be a plenty young enough to still have a good amount of years left yet old enough where they will have spent about 5 yrs as a back up and ready to step in. Someone possibliy along the lines of a Drew tate or a bit older. They wil not need to repy on older washed up starters to fill the gap. Players with Promise like BC Reilly, Winnipeg either elliot of brink. Then ther is the top true rookie in the league in Bo Levi Gunslinger in Calgary in his first year. 2014 will be his third season. The riders have drew willy unless he takes over for durant in 2014. The rest should be available as well as Ottawa Native son Brad sinopoli which is now in his second season with the stamps.

Let's hope they don't take a "back up" again. The problem back in 2002 was that all teams could protect a QB therefore the Gades ended up with Dan Crowley from the Esks. They have to go after a starter this time, hopefully a veteran that is coming to the end of his contract. Maybe Sinopoli will have had a couple of back up reps by the time 2014 comes around, who knows, or they may find a diamond in the rough during their training camp.

Didn’t they already publish the rules that the new Ottawa will pick under? There is zero chance that teams will not be able to protect their starting QB. Zero Chance. There is enough QB’s in the league that the new team should be able to get a capable player that can start, or an older veteran who has started. A Kevin Glenn type.