Ottawa Renegades bringing back Yo Murphy?

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Murphy, Burns expected back in the nation's capital

By Matthew Sekeres,
Ottawa Citizen

The Ottawa Renegades are on the verge of bringing back slotback Yo Murphy and offensive lineman Chris Burns.

Both veterans are in serious negotiations with the CFL club and could be signed within the week.

The Renegades have reconsidered their tough stance with Murphy just weeks after the receiver and management had all but decided to part ways.

Murphy, 34, is entering the option year of his contract and the Renegades wanted him to take a 50-per-cent pay cut. Now, the reduction will be in the vicinity of 25 per cent, meaning Murphy would make roughly $90,000 before retiring after the season.

Reached yesterday at his Florida home, Murphy said he was almost certain he would be back.

"My chances of coming back a week ago were about 0.0001 and they have really, really increased," he said. "It wasn't about money, it was about respect. I wanted to play and they've come off that first offer. The deal is cool. It's just that it came to this. If they had thrown this at me the first time, we would have had no problem."

Yesterday, Renegades president Lonie Glieberman confirmed that a reworked contract was being sent to Murphy and expressed confidence that the popular receiver would be back. As for Burns, Glieberman said the club "absolutely" had interest in signing him and that talks would continue.

Burns sat out most of last season before joining the B.C. Lions practice roster late in the year. He spent three seasons with the Renegades starting in 2002.

Burns, 33, is in Detroit this weekend working for a Vancouver radio station and hinted that an announcement could come soon.

"I'll be playing football somewhere and Ottawa would be one of my first choices," he said yesterday. "I've been really impressed with my conversations with (Glieberman)."

The Renegades intend on playing three Canadians along the offensive line but are concerned with their depth. Centre George Hudson and guard Pascal Cheron can both become free agents on Feb. 15. Talks with Hudson appear to have stalled while negotiations with Cheron have just begun.

glieb deserves applause for this:

“We are very supportive of this particular event, and the whole concept of growing the CFL into Atlantic Canada,� stated Renegade club President Lonie Glieberman. “We want to see the League expand to 10 teams eventually and we support the concept of a franchise in the Maritimes so that we can boast of being a truly national league�. “While we realize our fans will miss out in seeing our team play at home in the pre season the game will be seen on live television on TSN and RDS, and we are happy to make this sacrifice for a worthwhile cause and the long term interest of CFL football.� Glieberman concluded.

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MOJO has learned the B.C. Lions are having trouble re-signing offensive lineman Bobby Singh.
Singh is looking to become one of the highest paid offensive linemen in the CFL.

Lions coach and GM Wally Buono continues to talk with Singh’s agent Derek Fox, but Buono admits Singh may become a free agent if the two sides can’t close the gap.

Fox in Detroit with Bob Marjanovich on MOJO Sports Radio AM730 said that Singh wants to stay in B.C. but wants fair market value. “What Bobby wants to do is stay in B.C. but obviously everybody tries to get fair market value when their time comes,� Fox said. “We want a long term commitment from the Lions and in exchange we want a number of years in the deal too.�

Fox when on to say Singh is willing to leave the Lions if the right dollar amount comes along. “He’s willing to leave Vancouver and move to another team for the right dollar amount, he is willing to do that,� said Fox. “That’s something as an agent, as a person in between, say Wally [Buono] and Bobby, is the guy that has to try to work both sides too the right fit. And of course I’d represent Bobby so my best interest is, take care of Bobby and fit him into where the salary is.�

The Lions and Singh have two weeks to hammer out a deal, if it doesn’t happen Singh will wade into the CFL free agent market

maybe the Gades can sign him...gotta help Kerry Joseph.

Agree DG, more great news for the Gleibs and Gades. Now and as we have said, if they can only restart the negotiations and sign Ranek.

I'm glad to hear that Yo will be back. He's the best receiver on the team!

I was concerned when I first heard that. But a couple of facts make me think Singh is just trying to get the best deal and he'll stay with the Lions.

(1) He was elected to office in Richmond during the last Municipal elections
(2) He originally grew up in Richmond.
(3) When I was watching my Grandson play, Singh was coaching his son in Minor football which played out of Richmond.

I think Bobby has too many routes in Richmond.... I think he'll be back with us.

Great news about Yo, and excellent to see that we get more beef on our o-line, especially the canadian kind,lol. Now if only we can re-sign Hudson and Cheron, we might be getting somewhere