Ottawa Releases Nick Setta Already

8) Drew is reporting that Ottawa has released kicker, Nick Setta already.
  They apparently worked him out near the end of Feb. and deemed him not to be good enough, considering the contract he 
 had signed !!

   They will now  go with 2 NI kickers, Justin Palardy and Derek Schiavone.

HTC All Haunt team needs a P/K.

I feel bad for Nick. He works his tail off. I hope Ottawa gave him much thought and consideration
before making the decision to release him.

Once again Marcel D shows he has zero direction.

I tend to agree with those who think Desjardins is a bad decision maker. It was said that he was being forced to make certain moves when he was GM in Hamilton, but when he was interviewed after trading the farm for Rocky Butler, Desjardins sounded very excited and satisfied with that trade, even though virtually every one else with CFL knowledge knew Butler was not a very good starting QB prospect. Throw in the "give Taaffe anything he wants to become the next HC of the Ticats" disaster, and the red flags speak volumes, IMO.

I think Ottawa should have hired Duane Forde instead.

Deprive a coach of talent or even a system to maybe obtain talent and add A QB who couldnt throw comfortably over 20 yds and you get a disaster, Taaffe wasnt the problem.

Desjardins, it seems, banked everything on the one game Butler came here and beat us 51-8 in 2006. When basic football instincts should have warned him that horrible football teams have a tendency to make average or unremarkable QBs look good and better than they actually are. Desjardins traded like Butler was a proven commodity .

IMO Desjardins is already turning the RB's into the joke of the league.

Apparently Setta has gained a bit of weight, see what happens when you stop running stairs !!

I would have thought that they'd work Setta out BEFORE signing him, especially when they knew he hadn't played for a while. :roll: They could have at least waited and let him compete at training camp.

Or is it because they signed Burris to a boatload of money (don't get me wrong - I liked Hank but don't think he is worth what MD is paying) and need to free up some money to continue signing players? :oops:

What bush league move. You sign a guy and don't even bring him to camp? Must look real good to other RedBlack players under contract.

An Argo-Cat fan

but ya know..... kickers are a dime a dozen.

..... or was that running backs? .... wide receivers?? :roll: