Ottawa Redcoats

I've set up a Facebook page to promote the Ottawa Redcoats as the name of the future Ottawa CFL team. ... 9122808571

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Why the Redcoats?

The 'R' would remain one of the symbols. The strong heritage and link to the history of both Ottawa and Canada. The strong nature of the symbol. The ease of chanting REDCOATS, REDCOATS! REDCOATS! And the endless story lines, like "The Redcoats are coming! The Redcoats are on the march! Finally, the nickname could be The Reds, or the Coats

Pretty much zero chance of this ever happening as the name...

Way too many political and social problems with it, not to mention it sounds incredibly generic (by modern standards) and generally doesn't roll off the tongue.

People need to get off the 'R' seriously. :roll:

You're way too politically correct! You've got to embrace our history. Like seriously...


I like it better than "Highlanders".

Thanks! Please like the Facebook page:

I don't like it THAT much :slight_smile: Go Riflemen!

Wait til it shows up on the shortlist beside "Highlanders"... then we'll talk :slight_smile:

Riflemen, Highlanders, and Redcoats have as much chance as Bank Street Bullies! :wink: