Ottawa Redcoats

Ride Roughers :wink:

:thup: :thup: Best one out of all of the suggestions IMO. They keep the R and define what they are really about over the last couple decades.

Rabble Rousers

It will be a simple one word name like the "Rage", I like the "Ottawa Rage"
of course "Rage" in french means rabies

Or "The Roar' or "The Rampage"

Repercussionists. Sort of a comeback type of thing as well. :wink:

Or Reverberators.

"Here For Now" might be appropriate

RHI-NOOOS RHI-NOOOS a animal that does not back down and always charges, and the emblem, a rhinos head and you keep the R.

Ottawa Tarblooders

Interesting. What's a Tarblooder?

a different take than the military/political suggestions…not bad…
and a Rhino logo would certainly be an intimidating image…

The Ottawa Rideaus (referencing the torrential Ottawa River/Rideau Canal/Rideau Falls)

The Ottawa Rapids (same reference)

Someone who worked on the Rail Roads

Sorry, but the more nicknames I read, the more I like the "Renegades."

I am not as dismissive of "Redcoats" as some of you, but if we're going down that road, I prefer the "Riflemen."

I kind of liked Red Coats. Also like Rhino's, I would go with Rhino's personally or just stick with Renegades.

Thanks for the comments, pro or con. I'm still keen on REDCOATS

I've updated a possible R for the helmet:

[url=] ... 9122808571[/url]

Riflemen is the best of the bunch thus far.

Rabid Robots, RR! :wink:

Ottawa Riders.
(drop the "Rough" yet retain the "R" logo)

The Ottawa Muskelunge!
The Muskies!

ottawa bad news bears
ottawa mighty beavers (after all, our flag almost had a beaver on it)

No drop the "men" from Riflemen - just - "The Rifle" - with no "s"
"Rifle" without the "s" denotes a "team" rather than with an "s" a group of individuals.

The Ottawa Rifle