Ottawa Redcoats

I've set up a Facebook page to promote the Ottawa Redcoatsas the name of the future Ottawa CFL team.

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Why the Redcoats?

The 'R' would remain one of the symbols. The strong heritage and link to the history of both Ottawa and Canada. The strong nature of the symbol. The ease of chanting REDCOATS, REDCOATS! REDCOATS! And the endless story lines, like "The Redcoats are coming! The Redcoats are on the march! Finally, the nickname could be The Reds, or the Coats!

The Redcoats are coming!

The Redcoats are on the march!

Redcoats. Love it! Would have preferred the old Rough Riders, but that doesn't seem likely (thanks for nothing RiderTM).
But Redcoats definitely works for me. (Hope there's no NWMP trademark.) You have my vote if you want it.

It's not bad, also the Redmen, (The Royal Military College sports teams were called "The Redmen" because the cadets wore Red Tunics) Redjackets, (I think the NHL has a team called the Blue Jackets) Red Devils, Red Raiders, Rebels, Red Rebels, The Red Tide. Or a tribute to our native heritage - "The Redskins" "The Red Warriors"

Thanks for the encouragement. FYI, McGill uses the Redmen name.

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and give up a hundred+ year history? lol. for crying out loud - maybe you guys lost 2 teams because you're not fighting enough?? grow a freakin back bone ottawa!

Sorry, Redcoats doesn’t do it for me. At this point , and unless something better comes along, I would have to say stick with “Renegades” unless a better name is found.

I do not like Redcoats at all.

count me in as well for the "no" to Redcoats. Sorry.

how about Redapples, Red Roses, Redfaces, Redheads, Redleaves

How about the Resurrectors? :lol:

They keep dying and coming back to life.

I cant get the picture of a football team wearing red coats during a game out of my head :lol:

Redcoats :thdn:

Ottawa Phoenix?

Hmm, no R in the name. That's something a lot of us are sticklers on.

There is only one group that should have a say in what the Ottawa team is called and that is the Ottawa fans.

Give each season ticket holder a ballot and let them decide. If they choose to call themselves, Lie Ons, Stamp Eaters, Eski Mos, Rough Riders, Bluebombers, Argo Nots, or All Wets. Sobeit. :cowboy:

I actually like that.

I'll second that :thdn: and raise you :thdn: :thdn:

Horrible name. I appreciate the OP's zeal in promoting it though.

Or maybe the Ottawa Firebirds?

The Ottawa Ottomans lol

Ottawa Backbench Lizards
or Caucus Lizards