Ottawa Redblacks

I learn more and more about this crazy league of ours every day from posters like you. Insider stuff is always welcome. :smiley: :+1:

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Some could be encouraged by Caleb Evans showing. Curious if they start him Thursday vs Montreal and assuming Arbuckle will be dressed.

If ever there was a must win for both sides this will be it. Should be a good game. Lapo must be starting to wonder.

Know what I'm wondering? Why is Lapo still here?! When you're 2nd and 3 deep in your end, and haven't rushed for jack all game, but call a run play... bonehead play calling, and it wasn't the first time this season.

That's what we've been saying for the last 4 games. :face_exhaling:
Way too cautious and predictable on offence is taking everything the defense does and throws it out the window.
LaPo needs to give up OC duties ASAP or even before that :wink:

The offense looked pretty good last night. Caleb Evans had decent numbers. His deep balls tend to hang up in the air, but the Ottawa receivers did well to get under them.

But . . . still a loss.

Do you stick with Evans or give Arbuckle a shot as starter next week?

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It really doesn't matter who they play until Burke ....
a. gets rid of LaPolice or
b. hires an OC and takes the play calling away from his duties

I called the plays for first possession of the game on Tuesday morning.
Run for 2 yards, then pass for 3 and then punt
Same as EVERY other game LaPo has coached here in Ottawa
F*&ing embarrassment


plus the CFL Command center giving Montreal 2 extra challenge flags at the end of the game was once again CIRCUS TIME

:clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

I'd have Arbuckle ready to go in after watching the game from the sidelines for a bit. If Evans catches fire early on then I'd keep him in there. That's the safe thing to do (LaPo's in 'Safe Mode' these days). I expect him to throw Arbuckle in the moment Evans sputters just to show everyone he made the best and ONLY choice possible.

I think LaPo needs a nice vacation where the stress is way less... does the Ukraine have beaches?

You forget that Arbuckle is NOT LaPo's "guy".
He was brought in by GM Burke

Just saw this come up on FB. Looks like a fun promotion: local craft beer + Redblacks game!

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Solid read here!

Is the "command center" having too much control over our game??
The OTT/MTL was brutal and held up the next game HAM@BC for probably 15mins

In theory, the Command Centre is only supposed to buzz down to fix obvious and blatantly missed infractions. But having them call down to overrule decisions made by the officiating crew on the field that are — at best — a coin flip, is egregious.

Should we now expect the Command Centre to start calling holds? Because if last night is the new standard, they might wind up disagreeing with their crew at some point and want to make their presence known.

In fact, if the Command Centre is going to start weighing in on borderline calls, why have refs on the field at all? Just do everything from the booth. It’s a truly poor look for the league when their head referee is captured on the replay screen shrugging his shoulders as if to say “I have no clue, I made the right call” while explaining to the crowd that the high tackle frozen on the replay screen isn’t in fact a high tackle.

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The command centre worked well if it is quicker and more efficient .

Last night you could see the Bomber Qb clearly cross the goal line but not called at normal speed .

But the Ottawa game both calls looked legit with the penalties but over turned later slowed right down .

I agree with Duane Ford etc .... if you need to look at it at really slow mo then it really is unnecessary it's the glaring bad calls that need to be fixed by the command centre .


WAY to much input.
Absolutely correct, if they have to slow it down THAT much and take 15 minutes to decide is an embarrassment to the league.

3 times the Als got FREE challenge flags in that game (although one was a a scoring play in which they review anyway) but come on 10 minutes to review a safety we all saw in REAL time?

Clowns in the command center should apply for jobs at the circus

Burke and LaPo are unbelievably unlucky. The team they assembled was arguably the most improved on paper to start the season. Then after an undefeated preseason they somehow they wound up scheduled to play the Bombers in back to back games... followed by two MORE teams from the West... the last of which crippled them.

Meanwhile poor Nick Arbuckle was getting the cold shoulder from Chris Jones since it was the previous GM who brought him in. Then Arbuckle got injured, sidelined and eventually traded to Ottawa out of desperation. Bottom line, NOBODY really wants Arbuckle as their starter.

The only thing missing here is the violin music and the tears.

For me, no question Caleb Evans earned a start with Thursday's performance. Dropped passes hurt us this game, and I always value a QB who can run.