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Jaelon Acklin- Missouri’s hidden talent

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I noticed acklin's talent on the first day of Ticats training camp in 2019

Must be something to Justin Hardy to keep R.J. Harris on the one game which also bodes well for making it through a long season. Ryan Davis should add to the picture when he is healthy.

Personally I would like to see Darvin Adams have another good game although I was not brave enough to use him for my Fantasy lineup.

Picked Acklin instead and notice Winnipeg has the same secondary as last week playing. Going with Masoli for 400 also.

RedBlacks can't afford to start 0 - 2 imo. Unfortunate that they do not have William Powell in the lineup to help them. One of the reasons I don't care for back to back games.

Tough loss. Lots of woulda coulda shoulda. Questionable calls and all.

Justin Hardy is getting the hang of the CFL though and Nate Behar played well again. 700 yds passing in 2 games is a lot of yards.

As easy as it is to say there are many positives it is tough to deny that they shot themselves in the foot with their play. Fortunately it is a long season.

yes it's nice Masoli has passed for over 700 yards in 2 games but with ONLY 1 touchdown thrown, we aren't going to win many games
especially when you hold the other team to less than 20 points

I'm curious to see the Redblacks face some other teams. Was the lack of scoring due to the Bombers' strong D, or was it lack of execution for the Redblacks O?

Last season, the Bombers' D was phenomenal, so maybe the Redblacks aren't so bad. They only surrendered 15 TDs in 14 games and gave up about 300 yards combined on average.

Not sure I would use "phenomenal" when that same D gave up 711 yards passing alone. I would say say they "again" stopped us from getting into the end zone. Otherwise it could be Ottawa 2-0 and Winnipeg 0-2

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I hear ya. Last season, the Bombers D was phenomenal. We'll have to see how the rest of this season goes to determine if they are still great and Ottawa just did really well gaining yards against them . . . or if the Bombers D has fallen back down to Earth this year and Ottawa's offense is nothing special.

But he is the real thing and made for the Canadian game with his ability to scramble and throw on the run. I'm wondering how much he was to blame for only 1 TD ? Did receivers run the right route, did they make sharp cuts, were they held up by D backs.. remember 2 seconds late to "the spot" means no reception/incomplete pass or worse a pick. If anybody out there has played even high school football they know that unless the QB is bad, more often than not the receiver is the cause. And Masoli is definitely not bad, he's very good behind a good O line and with receivers who have the presence of mind to come back to the ball when he scrambles. And.. he's had injuries. A good example of a good QB being released is the Zac Collaros story. Bounced around through no fault of his own and cut as being injury prone by the Riders who stayed with Fajardo. Then Zac gets a great O Line and.. well need I go on ? Masoli is a winner and even a Big Blue fan like me wants the best for him as he's a tough pro and highly competent. And of course we Blue fans love LaPo.. as long as the two of them don't
" hang one " on the Bombers !

Don't get me wrong here. IT WILL take time for the offence to gel. Some really good players but have only played 2 games together as a unit. Once they get to know each other better, we are better than most teams. :wink:
All I said was there was only 1 TD with over 700 yrds of passing. btw ...the receivers must have run the right routes to get that amount of yards but Ottawa has had issues in the red zone and getting TD's

Hey I recall before Wpg had champ years they had a similar problem and lost a lot of one score games because they couldn't finish. But in RB's case talent is there. It seems over the years that there is a plethora of O backs, receivers and defences but good O lineman are always scarce. Yet they remain lowest paid ?

LaPo can't handle the pressure. Stick him back in the booth calling plays where he is at his best. Benevides can take a turn at HC and see how that goes.

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Benevides didn't do so hot as Lions head coach. Just saying.

You go it right. During LaPo's tenure as Bombers coach he was the same. At that time we all thought it was due to that moron of gen mgr (name escapes me) who was absentee living in US. While that no doubt had some effect, i'm wondering if Paul isn't his own worse enemy and thinking offensive play charts rather than the whole picture a h.c.needs to see and understand. Nice guy as well and...

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Except Lapo got the Bombers into the Grey Cup the year before he was canned. I have to blame GM Brendan Taman for not providing Lapo with an adequate offensive line for Buck Pierce during the four game losing streak that got him fired. We're hoping that Kyle Walters never makes that mistake.

Yep he was the coach of that team. Apparently he also called, that late in the game sideline killer pass thrown by Dinwitty that Sask intercepted for a pick 6 that won them the game. Anyone whose ever played QB even at high school level knows that is the most dangerous pass. And.. as you'll recall, Din was a replacement for Kevin Glenn who had broken his arm the week before in the western final. Din had very few realtime snaps. Nobody could believe
"the bench" would call that play at that critical point in the game. If you look at the video you can see that Din must have tipped the play as the Sask D back was moving before the ball was thrown as did we watching TV. I darn near swallowed the ice cube in my drink.
Are you sure Walters was to blame for lack of O line personnel ? Year after year CFL teams are constantly looking for O men of which there is big shortage. Well, not so much as shortage of bodies but a shortage of experienced O men. And even if a group of the experienced are assembled it takes a good year in many cases to get them to the stage of being able to operate as a unit as in guards pulling and not running into the tackles.
The D line has to play and think as a unit but ends and or backs have more freedom to move around. And the Hogs don't get premium pay.
Just my take on it.

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Not Kyle Walters. It was Brendan Taman who starved the offensive line of talent and caused Buck Pierce to suffer many Youtube worthy hits. Kyle Walters put an end to that nonsense by immediately upgrading our front five for his new Head Coach Mike O'Shea.

Hey, wasn't Joe Mack "The Invisible Absentee" gm at that time and not Taman ?

Hmmm. I'm not sure. It was Taman's name on the door:

From 1999-2009, Taman worked with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, first as assistant general manager (1999–2004) and then as general manager (2004–2009).[

You might be right though. All I know for sure is that the guy in charge of providing Buck Pierce with adequate workplace safety should've been charged with negligence... or at least drop kicked into the team dumpster.

All I remember was that Joe was MIA as he lived in the USA and travelled back and forth for games and meetings. It was a complete farce and caused a shakeup in Bombers board. LaPo had to fend for himself as work with the junk
Mack gave him of which the O line was suspect. They did however make it to the GC as they were in the East that year (and subsequent years on and off) and as that div wasn't strong Bombers slipped through the door. I'm still not convinced that Paul is H C material.
I think the same could be said about Buck. Looking back over my 60 years watching the CFL the successful coaches we no nonsense men like Grant, Trimble, Claire, Buno et al who got the max out of their talent. O'Shea and Rick Campbell fit that mould as do those fine Bros in Cal and Sask. Watch their faces on the sidelines. Then think back to last three weeks and eastern coaches. They look puzzled and lost. But great players do not translate into great coaches as i'm sure your well aware. I mean can you see Tiger as a golf coach, or worse as a driving instructor ?
Really enjoy your input Maaax. Your sharp enought to be Canadian eh?

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